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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Thunder Run

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You will begin the mission, enjoying a nice desert scenery from ouside a tank.

After a while, you will get to drive the tank yourself. Move straight ahead with your squad until you spot some enemy armor.

There will be a dozen of tanks at a long distance. Zoom using M2 and slightly lead your targets with a non bullet-drop fast projectile. Later in dustier areas, you'll need to use another vision filter, applied with the same button as the jetplane, Numpad 9.

After going on further ahead, you'll run into even more tanks. Turn on the vision filter which is mandatory at this point due to all the dust and fire away.

Don't forget to use Shift for an increase in speed.

Your movements will be stopped with some artillery fire. Instead, you'll take remote control of a nearby bomber airplane.

And given the task to targeting the enemy artillery in order to move on.

Take note of the huge temprature signatures at the bottom right, hold your rectangle over them and click M1 to wipe them out.

Now move up on the camp you just bombed with your tank and take out any remaining infantry. Begin with shooting down the towers.

Take out any more units you can see WITHOUT driving over the sandbags infront of you. That will initiate the "invade" sequence, spawning a whole bunch more enemies which together with the old ones can kill you fairly easily as your supposed fellow tank-drivers will push you into the camp.

Most of the enemies will be on the right. Take them out using your Light Machine Gun (2) and pay heed to any overheating represented in clicking noise.

Then finish the raid by blowing up some trucks and shooting down any survivors before moving on.

More tanks will appear ahead of you and then a whole bunch of them coming in from the left/behind. Keep moving and shoot back.

Continue towards your destination and engage any more tanks that appear.

Once you get on a road, drive up under the bridge and get out of your tank.

Run up and listen to this guy's rant a bit and then follow the next HUD marker on your screen to get a detonator for a large amount of explosives and then get back behind cover.

It should be an easy task with no shooting required.

Once detonated, get back into one of the tanks and ride along.

You will see a couple of infantry here and there along with IED-rigged suicide cars. Let one get close enough to you and the mission will fail.

The occacional RPG-infantry will also be located on roof-tops and alike. Once they fire, you can pretty much ignore them since you're driving away.

You'll come across an enemy tank next to a gas station. Shoot at the pumps to cause a massive explosion, destroying the tank.

Eventually, you'll reach another bridge. The tank will stop and you will have to hold your position against a number of IED cars and several RPG infantries ontop of the bridge.

Aim and heat-management is crucial for your success with destroying the cars in time.

They will come from several directions so pay attention to your HUD.

After all the enemies are dead, your tank will start moving again, finishing your mission as you pass under the bridge.