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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Rock And A Hard Place

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You'll start the mission riding a jeep behind your main assault force until the jeep infront of you suddenly explodes from a russian ambush.

Get out of the jeep and start cutting the enemy down. They will be fairly hard to spot due to all the vegetation but there's not a whole bunch so if you're in a hurry, simply run & gun.

After they're all dead, go to your HUD waypoint to initiate your squad to inspect one of the dead

After that, run against your next marker and catch up with the rest of your assault force.

After some lengthy talking, run along with your fellow soldiers, down to the large fields and engage the extremely large amount of russian soldiers.

They have distinct black clothing which is easy to spot through all the dust while carrying rather weak weapons. Stay back and pick away.

If you run out of ammo with your primary, pick up one of the ruskie guns. You'll never run out of ammo with them due to the constant resupply from enemy corpses.

Don't run too far ahead after killing the enemies. You'll have to wait for the surviving part of your squad to gather before proceeding into the next skirmish.

This time, you'll get the drop on some recently deployed ruskies, not behind cover. Gun down as many as you can, as fast as you can to get things on faster.

There will now be an occasional armor drive up next to you. Use your grenade-launcher attachment at (3) or the SMAW at (4) to take it out. Extra damage is delivered from behind.

You will start to gain the upper hand on the enemy. But they will continue to come in numbers. Gun them down accordingly.

After dealing with that encounter, move up to the next one, making sure to stick with your NPC allies.

Feel free to often flank them for devastating effect.

You'll find a weapons-cache up ahead. Once you see it, go wild with your grenade-launcher attachment against infantry and be ready with your SMAW.

Two enemy armor will suddenly drive up from the road. Take them out with 4-6 rockets.

Once you reach this point, things will most likely start to get frustrating.

There will be an enemy plane that will spot you, turn around and repeatedly lay bombardments on you.

You will constantly have to watch his movements while keeping up with your squad to quickly dive behind the right cover according to what direction he's attacking from and going prone with (Z).

There will be about 4~ stops before you finally reach the other side of the bridge.

Grab the Stinger behind the scorched jeep.

And fire away a missle after locking onto the plane and wait for the script to end before he explodes, ending the mission.