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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough The Great Destroyer

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After watching the cutscene, you are about to get arrested by this smug ahole. I think you know what to do.

Yep. Press space and make him appreciate the hard work all those carpenters put into making that table which he has been banging on for decades.

As he takes a little nap, go ahead and carefully disassemble the table according to th(E) manual

After that, you'll have some strangely angry men after you. Direct yourself to the nearest window down the hallway and get out in a calm orderly fashion.

Get off the railing and down into the street, look both ways and then run across before jumping down onto a speeding train.

Jump when prompted and don't do it too early or late.

Since this scenario undoubtably looks very familiar to you, I will skip ahead to where we left off.

Back to when the guy had the gun to your face, Press the first and last one-time use of the button M2.

And when later prompted, press space to detonate the explosives behind the nice man with the revolver.

You'll wake up in a wreckage of the train with an enemy straight infront of you as you get up. Take him out and steal his MP-7.

Using your new toy, clean out the rest of the sewers just ahead.

Reload frequently and feel free to pick up the shotgun, replacing your rather lynchy assault-rifle.

Push on ahead. The enemies will be rather few and fall incredibly easy.

Once up the ladder, your partner will be waiting with a car. Get in and chase after Solomon.

He will be in the short-stubby van. Fire a few bullets from your handgun (The mouse sensitivity while in the car will be incredibly slow moving) and he'll crash.

Once he crashes and takes you with him, comply with another quick-time-event as he never learns his lesson of shooting right away while slowly walking towards someone lying down, pointing a gun to their face.

After some cat-fighting, you'll be prompted to more quick-time-events. Do them as instructed. Mess up and the mission will fail.

The last Q.T.E will involve you showing him the structural properties of a typical brick.

Followed by you finding the long-awaited nuke, ending the game with a long cutscene. Good job soldier.