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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Night Shift

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You will start this mission ontop of a roof, overseeing a landing zone for some of your fellow soldiers which you'll also need to cover.

You will first need to take out 4 lights. Shoot a tiny bit above the actual light (that is somehow blinding you from an above perspective) to take them out with your silenced bolt-action sniper.

Once that is done, a helicopter will come and drop off a squad of soldiers. Take note of the thermal color on their vests, you'll need to differentiate them later.

After they have landed and settled, you will need to go to the south-east of the building, overlooking the road up ahead.

Now move to the west side of the building and rapple yourself down on the streets.

Once you get down, run across the street and duck behind the car. Enemy trucks will come and if they spot you, the mission fails.

Follow your NPC partner and climb over the wall ahead.

There will be more look-outs shown on your HUD. Take them out accordingly.

Avoid the patrolling enemy squad.

Climb up the building after your NPC.

And take your next position, overlooking another road.

There will be two (only one is visible from this angle) guards, almost spotting your squad. Take them out with one shot by shooting the visible man in the mid-section.

Stick to your NPC partner and keep staying out of sight, moving through the city undetected.

After going up the stairs in a nearby building, you will be prompted to melee kill an unaware enemy soldier.

When you close in, he will spot you, alerting the nearby enemy squads. Kill him quickly.

Once spotted, sprint out the door and run away from the enemy down into the sewers.

Keep moving through the sewers until you reach a ladder, leading up to the surface. Climb up.

After climbing up, you'll be spotted by multiple enemies. Take them out with your sniper (helps in this smoke) or your silenced assault-rifle.

I recommend picking up a MP7 from one of the dead enemy soldiers. Will come in handy up ahead.

After a brief report to your superiors from finding terrorist evidence, more enemies will storm into the nearby room to the north-west in the mannequin storage. They are easy to spot due to their flashlights and plastic doesn't make good cover so spray away.

After the encounter, you can treat yourself to an AK off some of the dead soldiers. The MP7 will be mostly worthless from now on.

Meet up with your fellow soldiers and continue to follow your partner NPC.

Eventually, you will break up again from the main-force to climb up on a roof to provide them with some much needed cover.

Incase you accidently dropped your sniper rifle, there will be a dozen lying around your checkpoint.

Lie down where prompted and start remembering the enviroment well.

Follwoing that, there will be a multitide of 30+ enemies, storming your pinned down soldiers. Take them all out in quick succession. Bodyshits 1-hit kill depending on your difficulty so don't be too picky with accuracy. Hold shift to steady your aim.

After killing a dozen of enemies, there will appear more on the roof and some of the floors, particullary one with an RPG. Delay too long in killing him and mission will fail.

There will also be an enemy car positioned right infront of your defense-objective, take him out quickly or fail the mission.

Eventually, a red HUD marker will suddenly appear on your screen. This is the VIP escaping. Quickly get up and dash towards the north to catch him.

Once he gets in sight, riddle the car in bullets to make it crash.

Once crashed, run towards the car and guide your NPC to a nearby building.

You are given the task to guard a gate while your partner finds a safe-spot. You will be harassed and occasionally approached by a few enemy soldiers. Nothing too big. Bring out your sniper-rifle if you have problems seeing them.

After finding a safe-spot, you'll be given 2 claymores to place out in prepration for an enemy assault. Place one covering the escalator and another one facing north on the second floor.

After a minute or two, enemies will storm the building from where you came. Use your sniper rifle to easily pick them off.

After a small break from the breach at the bottom floor, the enemy will instead rush onto the same floor you are on to the north after a large breach-explosive. This will be more tricky due to the sheer amount of them. Use your best judgement and don't hestitate to switch to your assault-rifle if they even get remotely close.

Expect to take a bullet now and then, greatly disturbing your aim. Don't forget your other weapon.

After a short relocation of your NPC, you will need to defend against more waves of the enemies, still on the same floor as you.

There will also be a few enemies on the floor above you. Take them out when you can to make your cover actually useful.

At the end, the enemy will simply start to rush you. Take your assault-rifle when that happens and cut them down.

Move outside with your fellow partner NPC to meet up with the rest of your soldiers as you defend the nearby helicopter for take-off.

The smoke will be incredibly thick at this point and enemies will be both behind cover and moving around eratically.

Your sniper-scope will do wonders here. Just don't forget to have cover close-at-hand.

Get in the helicopter as the last soldier when prompted and complete the mission.