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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Kaffarov

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Level will start with some more russian driving (Make sure your seatbelt is on) until you reach a compound.

Be ready for a quick-time event involving drawing your pistol and shooting one of the guards through the window.

Run to the marked place on your HUD, open the door and run outside. Shoot the guy ontop of the stairs and go up.

You will get thrown into a parking-lot crawling with private security forces and several RPG/snipers ontop of the hills so stay away from the cars or face instant death.

The guys at the hill goes last.

Before proceeding, I would heavily recommend taking the F-2000 off one of the guards. It packs an insane rate of fire, accuracy and recoil control. Excellent for killing scrub AI.

You will run into a long garden that increasingly gets higher up with stone-walls inbetween. Pick off the guys at the furthest distances before you have to get into cover and then work your way up.

This part may be a bit of a pain due to the vegetation but press up against the mountain and carefully crouch as you peak out to avoid as much bullets as possible before going prone again.

Once all the enemies outside are dead, breach the empty building.

Go around to the back and leave through the back-door to cover your mates. You'll run into a sniper at the other side; Kill him and take his gun.

Once up on the roof from the stairs, start shooting anyone you see. The rifle is semi-automatic and comes with a thermal scope to see through all the smoke so fire away.

After killing a dozen of guys, they'll redirect their attention to you, When they do, run for cover and continue picking them off once your health recharges.

After the gardens are cleaned out, head into the next building and engage the other guards.

I recommend getting out on the balcony and taking them from the side.

After this point, a good shotgun will be key since ammo for the F-2000 is scarce. Pick up a DAO-12 and start cleaning house.

Remember to keep it loaded. This beast keeps 12 rounds.

You're gonna be fairly exposed as you continue into the house and down the stairs. Watch your HP and blow anyone that can get a shot at you behind cover away.

Stay away from this door as they breach, It's about to get a big hole.

From this point on, all encounters will be extremely close / barely medium range. Load up on your shotgun rounds from fallen enemies and start taking helmets off.

Once you come into this room, feel free to throw grenades. Enemies will either die in groups or run out into the open.

But remember they're very likely to return the favor. Stay moving and keep an eye out for the grenade HUD warning.

After breaching another door leading down to the basement, there will be a supply cache. Stack up on grenades and ammo.

You'll come across some fairly straight-forward hallways where all enemies have flashlight. Shoot whatever light you see and you're golden.

Even as a shotgun, the DAO-12 does extremely good damage at range too. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Continue further downwards and you'll run into a shooting range. Move slowly and keep your eyes up. Enemies are everywhere.

Most of the enemies will have laser-sights, making them fairly easy to spot as well.

Once you see the chopper, make a run for it.

As you hang onto it, be prepared for a quick-time-event. Mess it up and mission failed.

Following the cutscene, you will be back outside the house where you entered as Sergeant Blackburn. some time after the attack.

There will be no enemies and you'll be at gunpoint with a charming russian man.

Interrupting the conversation is your commanding officer, the guy that got your buddies killed against the airplane.

Shoot him when prompted by the nice russian man and the mission will be over.