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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Fear No Evil

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After taking off where we last left, you drive into town and come across a blocked road. Your squad will take an alternative route through a tight valley where you'll take control of your tank.

Continue following your fellow tanks through the war-stricken city.

After a while, you will come to a stop again due to another blocked road with no other convenient passages. Look on your hud for a way-point marking inside a store and drive through the building at full speed.

It may seem messy but keep going.

On the other side, you will encounter some of your first hostile infantry units all over the streets. Take them out.

There will also be tanks driving back and forth, patrolling. Take those out too before proceeding out from the building.

Eventually, you'll reach the very same bank you were with another chararcter.

Drive up on the platform and have your tank become badly damaged due to a missile.

You will drive up to the entrance and be rendered immobile. After a short debrief, you are given the task to hold your position against a very large wave of enemy infantry.

Eventually, a helicopter will come to pull out your fellow soldiers as you cover them. It is very important to kill every single enemy infantry you can possibly see orelse the helicopter will explode from taking too much damage.

After a while, a heavy duststorm will blow up on you, blocking your vision greatly and the enemy will swamp around you, knocking you out from behind, ending the mission in a unavoidable "loss".