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Battlefield 3 Walkthrough Operation Swordbreaker

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Get out of the vehicle and follow your fellow soldiers.

Keep following your lead-NPC as displayed on your HUD.

Stick close to this guy orelse the campaign will most likely glitch.

Move out of the building and watch one of your soldiers get shot.

Grab hold of him and quickly mash space-bar to drag him back into the building.

After depositing him, head on back out and start killing the incoming bogeys to the east.

After one wave, reposition yourself.

Be prepared to engage the enemy to the south.

When prompted, kill the RPG-users in the building, orelse the wave will go on forever.

Resupply at the ammo box before moving back into the building and up to the roof.

Avoid the sniper-fire and take out the bogeys coming out from the door.

Continue to move further up the roof while avoiding sniper-fire.

Grab the RPG when prompted.

Position yourself looking over the north-going road and prepare to shoot hostiles

They will be flooding both the street and the neighbouring buildings to the north-west.

If you are having trouble with the recoil from your first primary, press 2 to bring out your semi-automatic sniper rifle.

Continue giving cover to your allies in the street until they clear the street and move into a building.

Follow your fellow soldiers to the rear of the building, facing south-east and climb over using the plank.

Jump off the roof and keep going forward.

Breach the next building and prepare for another wave of enemies up front, to the right.

Resupply with ammo when needed.

Shoot everything that moves infront and keep moving up.

Get out in the streets and follow the red wire leading away from the bomb-rigged van.

Breach the door and get inside.

Go to prone-mode by pressing Z and move through the air-ducts.

Keep following the red wire and interact with the detonation device.

Prepare for the ambush and press the buttons prompted (E, Space and M1).

Once the detonation device is disarmed, run back outside.

Run to the other side of the street and start covering your soldiers.

Enemies will be both on the path-way and under the stairs, shoot as needed.

You will be prompted to take the LMG but you don't actually have to use it which is a good thing because it's clumsy, does low damage and has high recoil.

Your cover will be blown off as enemies fire at you. Move back to the stairs to your left and get your sniper rifle out instead of being in the open.

Once you killed enough enemies coming from the north, turn around and start killing the rest coming from the south.

Move up on the truck with the LMG, blow away the incoming wave while being aware of the gun-overheating and watch the scenario.

Get up from the rubble and start to slowly move ahead, making sure to be crouched and stay in the shadows.

Avoid the spotlights and keep moving up ahead.

Keep going until you meet a pipe. Prone into it and kill the rat inside.

Sneak into the building and take the guy out from behind.

Grab his weapon and shoot away at the bogeys ahead.

Move ahead and deal with the wave of enemies coming from the north.

Get out from the building where the enemies came from and move out into the streets.

Resupply when needed.

Clean out the street and move up ahead into the garage.

Watch the left garage-gate be lifted with 3 bogeys outside, kill them and proceed out.

Move up into the bus and watch the door get blown off.

Shoot the lights from the enemy flashlights and get through the gate on your left.

Move up ahead and meet up with one of your fellow soldiers.

Follow him south.

Keep going until you meet up with the rest of your crew.

Get on the LMG when prompted and start cleaning the streets.

After a few minutes, you will get hit by an RPG and flung out of the car.

Make a run for the evac chopper and the level is complete.