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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #11 - Judgment Day

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The mission will start off inside a VTOL. You will be playing as David Mason, along with four other teammates and Harper.

The aircraft is going to get hit by a missle, so you and your team must jump out early.

After reaching the ground, you will encounter a big number of Mercs guarding the entrance to the facility. Take them out and head inside the facility.

Once you're inside the facility, fight your way to the control room.

Once you've reached the control room, Menendez will launch a live webcast and initiate the self-destruct on the entire drone fleet flying over New York, explaining that the armed forces are crippled without them. Mason will figure out that Menendez is trying to escape disguised as a U.S. soldier and proceeds to the military checkpoint where he was seen.

After you've reached the military checkpoint, slide down and kill the two remaining Mercs.

Menendez will attempt to kill Mason, but he draws out a combat knife and stabs Menendez in the left leg and then stabs him in the shoulder and grabs his gun and points it at his head. At this point, you will get to choose wheter to kill or capture Menendez. Capturing him will be the best choice.

Menendez will be taken to the prison if you decided to capture him.

The ending of the story depends on your choices throughout the story. If Mason survives, Chloe dies and Menendez survives, he will be taken to prison. It is also revealed that Alex Mason survived after getting shot by Woods and they reunite. The Celerium worm infests the power plant close to the prison where Menendez is being held, which will let him escape. He heads to the Vault and kills Woods.

After Menendez kills Woods, he is going to travel back to Nicaragua where his sister's grave is, digs up her corpse and then sets himself on fire.

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