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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #7 - Suffer With Me

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Several hours after meeting with Alex Mason and Mark McKnight, you will start the actual mission on a boat heading to Panama to capture Noriega.

Head through the airport and take out the enemies left.

Once you have killed the enemies at the military base, head to the hotel where Noriega is.

After capturing Noriega, you are going to be informed by Hudson that Noriega will be exchanged for another prisoner. You will have to fight your way to the Panama Canal through the streets full of enemies.

Once you have reached the army checkpoint, Mason and Woods will split up. You are going to start playing as Woods.

Once you've reached the Panama Canal, Hudson will tell you that the prisoner is actually Menedez and will ask you to kill him.

After taking the shoot, Woods will remove the bag to confirm the kill, he will notice that the target was actually Alex Mason and not Menendez.

Shortly after, you will get ambushed by Menendez who shoots your kneecaps and knocks you out afterwards.

After a short while, you will wake up in a room, with Mason's dead body on the floor, Hudson tied to the chair and David (Alex Mason's son) tied to a pole. Hudson will tell you that he had to manipulate you in order to save David from getting killed by Menendez.

Menendez will let you know that one of the three people in the room must be killed. Hudson will tell Menendez to kill him. Menendez will first shoot Hudsoon in his knees and then slits his throat with Josefina's heart shaped pendent.

The mission will end after Menendez will leave the room and David will wake up to see the corpse of his own father.