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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #5 - Fallen Angel

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You will start off the mission behind a CLAW. You will have to fight your waythrough the flooded building and gain access to Anthem.

You can also access the weapons mounted on the C.L.A.W. and target large groups of enemies by pressing '1'.

Avoid being seen by the MQ drones or else the enemy forces will be alerted and you will be taken out quickly.

Once you have reached the Anthem, use your grappling hook to climb up on the roof.

Silently take out the enemy soldier who's guarding the place.

Identify Raul Menendez, he is wearing a white suit.

Proceed through the building and record the rest of his conversation.

After being noticed by Raul Menendez and his soldiers, escape the building and rendezvous with Salazar.

After meeting up with Salazar, clear the rail yard by any enemies remaining using Brutus and Maximus (the CLAW robots).

Once you have taken care of the enemies in the rail yard, get inside the car and escape.

After reaching the extraction point, you are going to be spotted by the Chinese soldiers.

Their commandant turns out to be Zhao, he has also appeared in the third mission of the game. He is going to let you go and this will turn out to be the ending of the 5th mission.