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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #2 - Celerium

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At the beginning of the mission, you have to descend a cliff using your nano-gloves and a rope.

Rendezvous with Salazar and Crosby at the top of the cliff.

Glide to the landing zone using your specially designed suit.

Once you have landed, start investigating the base while heading towards the main temple.

After arriving at the main entrance, leading inside the temple, let one of your teammates blow the door up.

Once you are inside the 'temple', head downstairs through the bunker.

After fighting your way through the bunker, at some point you will find Erik, a Tacitus employee who has been locked in a crate.

Erik is going to inform you about the Celerium and its use.

Be ready to defend the bunker of incoming enemy forces.

After taking out the enemy foces, follow Erik inside the room where the Celerium drive is being held.

After following Erik inside, he is going to give you the Celerium drive and start telling you of Menedez's plot, unfortunately he gets shot right in the neck as he tells you something about ''Karma''.

Then, you and your teammates will have to fight against incoming enemies once again and make your way to the rest of the team.

After meeting up with the rest of the team, hand the Celerium chip to Briggs. This will be the end of the 2nd mission.