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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #3 - Old Wounds

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You will have to rendezvous with a contact from China.

You will have to follow them to the Mujahideen base.

Once you've arrived at the base, follow Zhao inside the cave.

An Soviet attack will start not long after entering the base to discuss the deal with Rahmaan.

Head to the weapons cache and defend it from incoming enemies.

After successfully defeding the first weapons cache, head to the base and defend it.

On your way to the base, you are going to encounter a few Russian tanks; take them out using one of the RPGs found nearby.

After successfully defeding the weapon cache and the base, you are going to get called back at the Mujahideen compound.

Once you have successfully reached the Mujahideen compound, you are going to witness a massive Russian attack.

Afterwards, you and your teammates are going to charge in head-on towards the Russian army.

After your horse will get knocked off, you will have to avoid getting run over by the tank by holding Left and Right Mouse Button at the same time.

After destroying the take, the mission will skip to Kravchenko's interrogation.

You will have to repeatedly tap 'F' to resist killing Kravchenko, so you can get the good ending.

At some point, Woods is going to shot Kravchenko in the head.

Rahmaan then betrays you and the rest of your teammates and leaves you in the middle of the desert.

After some time, Reznov will appear to rescue you and your team.