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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #1 - Pyrrhic Victory

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In this mission, I am going to use the recommended weapons.

Help your teammates fight against the MPLA soldiers on the field.

Take out the mortar crews behind the rocks.

Once you've taken out the mortar crews, call for air support and eliminate the first wave of tanks.

"Eliminate the mounted gunners hiding behind the rocks.

Once you have taken care of the mounted gunners, take out the second wave of tanks.

Get up on the Buffel.

Take out the last wave of retiring enemies.

Get inside the helicopter.

Once you have reached the barge, you will get hit by an RPG missle and you will have to jump out of the helicopter onto the barge.

Clear the decks of any enemies remaining.

Once you have cleared the decks, take control of the mounted machine guns and take out the enemy boats.

After taking out the enemy boats, head inside the container and rescue Woods.

Pick up the Valkyrie Launcher located on the deck and destroy the Hind.

After reaching the shore, follow Hudson through the jungle.

Head inside the village and try to find a radio.

Enter the builiding through the window without being seen by any enemies.

Approach the radio operator, which turns out to be Menendez. Order him to radio Savimbi for backup.

After Menedez smashes the radio, enemy soldiers will enter the house and Mason (the player) is going to use Menedez as a human shield. After a brief standoff, Menedez is going to be shoot by Mason in the eye.

After dealing with Menedez, head through the jungle. Try to hold back the enemies until you reach the pier.

Once you reach the pier, you will find a boat to escape. However, a helicopter that appears to be an enemy one appears out of nowhere and suddenly starts providing support for you and your teammates agaist the enemies that were following you.

After landing, the helicopter is revealed to be Savimbi's, who has come to extract you and your teammates.