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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #8 - Achilles' Veil

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In this mission, you will play as Farid, a CIA agent that is undercover and working for Raul Menendez in an attemp to see what he is planning.

Follow Menendez on the outdoor stage with the other soldiers, shouting "Coldis Die!". A VTOL will appear out of nowhere, but gets quickly taken down by one of Menendez's man. Menendez will tell you afterwards to meet him at the Citadel.

You will have to fight your way through the enemy soldiers and successfully reach the Citadel.

However, you will meet Menendez halfway to the Citadel and you will see Harper being taken as a hostage.

Menendez will suspect that you're the traitor, so he will ask you to kill Harper and prove him that you're not. At this point, you get to choose to either kill Harper, or shoot Menendez. The best choice would be to attempt to shoot Menendez and get shot by him, that way Harper will be spared.

After saving Harper's life and get killed by Menendez, the game will switch you to Section who's fighting his way through the streets filled with enemy soldiers on his way to the Citadel.

Once you have reached the Citadel, a friendly VTOL will wait for you and your teammates.

After entering the VTOL, you will notice Menendez that has been captured. The level will end after some Navy SEALs will tell you that Menendez is going to be interrogated.