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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #10 - Cordis Die

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The mission will start off in a MRAP cruising through Highway 110, with the U.S. President on your right, who's worried about the city's condition.

After a short amount of time, a missle will hit the helicopter causing it to crash into the MRAP. Mason will black out afterwards.

After waking up, you will notice Harper giving orders to the other soldiers and agents. He's going to tell you about the SAM turret you could use on the incoming drones.

Once you've entered the SAM turret, shoot down the incoming drones.

The SAM turret will get hit by an incoming missle afterwards, forcing you to jump out of it, then you will have to regroup with your squad at the end of the highway.

Rappel down the highway.

Get inside the MRAP and drive away while the freeway falls apart.

After reaching the the city, you will see a truck rushing towards you, then the screen will black out.

After regaining consciousness, fight your way to the Plaza Downtown.

Once you've took out all the enemies on the streets, head to the MRAP through the Plaza.

Anderson will tell you that she is hit and has to immediately land the jet. You and the rest of the team will start advancing towards Anderson, but a building will fall down and Mason will black out once again.

When you reach the jet, you will see her unconscious body next to it. LAPD will arrive and bring her to an ambulance.

Then, you will have to get inside her jet and protect the ambulance from any enemy helicopters and drones that are threatening it.

A drone will attack the convoy, you will have to detach from the convoy and chase it down.

After taking out the enemy drone, parachute out of the damaged jet and land next to the evacuation point and the mission is going to end.