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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #9 - Odysseus

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The mission will start off with a cutscene of Menendez being interrogated by Salazar. Menendez will request to speak with David Mason shortly after. Then, you will have to enter the interrogation room and talk to Menendez.

Shortly after entering the interrogation room, you will be interrupted by Briggs who's going to tell you that the ship is under attack.

After receiving the news from Briggs, you will head outside to let the other soldiers know about it. When you'll turn around, you will see Menendes who has taken Salazar as a hostage. He will tell you to drop your gun down and turn around or else he will kill Salazar, then you will get knocked down.

You will be woken up by Salazar, who's going to tell you that Menendez has escaped.

After taking out the enemies on the ship, a soldier will let you know that rebooting the ship's security system will allow Menendez to access the server room. Unfortunately, you will not be able to inform Briggs in time.

Then, the game will shift you, and you will start playing as Menendez.

After taking Briggs as a hostage, Salazar will betray them and kill the soldiers and Chloe (if you took the same decisions as in this walkthrough, you will get the same ending and if you did not, you are going to get a different ending).

Salazar will tell you to spare Admiral Briggs, but you get to choose whether or not kill him. Shooting him in the leg would be the best choice.

After killing/sparing Admiral Briggs, Menendez will proceed to upload the virus into the network.

The game will shift you back to Mason afterwards, who's going to have to go through the ventilation system and enter the command room.

After reaching the command room, you will notice that the system was infected. Then, you will have to follow Harper and chase after Menendez.

After leaving the room, you will encounter Salazar who has surrendered. Harper will execute him for betraying you.

Once you've left the hanger, you will notice Menendez who is getting away in his jet. You will have to fight your way to the friendly VTOL.

The mission will end after boarding on the VTOL.