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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #4 - Time and Fate

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The mission with start off with you and the rest of your teammates waiting on a cliff near Raul Menendez's house.

Then, the mission will switch you to Menendez's perspective. Who's sitting beside his sister, after a short amount of time they are getting assaulted and captured by American soldiers.

An American soldier grabs Menendez's sister and starts taunting her and slamming her, breaking a glass object. Then, Menendez goes mad and escapes the soldiers that are holding him and stabs the soldier in the neck multiple times with a sharp piece of glass.

After being given the sedative, Menendez will pass out.

Once you regain your consciousness, Noriega is going to release you and call it 'a favor', then Menendez attacks him.

After attacking Noriega, you will have to rampage through the village to save Josefina. At this point, you will have unlimited bullets and a bigger amount of health.

Once you've reached the house, the mission will switch you back to Manson's perspective.

After switching to Manson, you will see what happened 15 minutes earlier from the ''good guys' " point of view.

After watching the cutscene, you will have to follow your teammates and fight your way through the village.

After fighting your way through the village and successfully reaching the mansion, go down the ladder and head inside the lab.

Fight your way through the laboratory, which is full of enemies.

Once you've cleaned the laboratory, climb up the ladder and head to Menendez's house.

After getting inside the house, Woods will lose control and focus on killing Menendez and Mason is going to try to stop Woods from doing so.

However, Woods will push Mason away from him and throw a frag grenade. The frag grenade will roll inside Josefina's room.

The mission ends with Mason waking up after the building was destroyed and seeing Menendez in a body bag, believed to be dead.