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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Walkthrough Mission #6 - Karma

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This mission starts off with you (Mason), Salazar and Harper arriving at the Colossus resort located in the Cayman Islands.

After entering the elevator inside the Colossus resort, you will descend to the lowest level of the building.

After deploying Ziggy, you will be able to control him through the vents. At some point, Ziggy will jump on a guard and start scanning his retina. After obtaining the retina scan, Ziggy is going to get crushed by another guard who noticed it.

After Ziggy getting smahed, you and Salazar will head to the CRC Room. Karma is revealed to be a woman, after accessing her bio, the computer will inform you that Karma is at Club Solar, inside the Colossus resort.

After getting the wanted information, you will have to fight your way to Club Solar.

Once you've reached the club you will notice Harper trying to convince Chloe (Karma) that she is in danger.

DeFalco and his men will enter the club just before Harper is trying to extract Chloe. DeFalco takes 2 hostages and threatens to kill them if Karma will not show herself. After DeFalco kills the first hostage, Chloe surrenders not wanting to cause another death. DeFalco's men will start shooting at the crowd afterwards.

After killing DeFalco's men, you will have to hurry up and find DeFalco and Chloe.

Once you have found DeFalco, take out his men and then kill him, but be careful not to shoot Chloe.

Once you've rescued Chloe, head to the plane that's waiting for you. This will be the end of the 6th mission.