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Mission #1 - Ghost Stories

The mission will start off with a cutscene of Elias telling his sons David (Hesh) and Logan Walker the legend of 15 soldiers named "Ghost" that killed hundreds of enemy soldiers.

When Elias will finish the story, they will head back home.

On your way home the ground will start shaking.

Upon returning back from the woods, ODIN will strike and destroy San Diego.

Get back to the house.

Follow Hesh inside.

After entering inside the house, it will start collapsing.

Help Hesh open the back door that has been jammed.

After opening the door, the screen will cut to white and the game will switch 15 minutes earlier to Spc. Baker and Kyra Mosley.

Follow Mosley back to the ODIN Control.

After entering inside the ODIN you will get assaulted by the Federation.

You will have to follow Mosley to the ODIN controls and shut it down.

Start shooting the RCS fuel lines to blow up the ODIN satellite.

Doing so will trigger an explosion big enough to kill both of you.

After blowing up the ODIN satellite the game will switch back to Logan and Hesh. Follow Hesh through the remaining ruins of San Diego.

On your way to Elias' truck, you (Logan) will get injured by a gasoline truck's explosion.

Hesh and Elias will help Logan reach the truck and get out of the city.

This will be the end of the first mission.

Mission #2 - Brave New World

You will have to finish the security sweep around the destroyed buildings

Once the security sweep's over, start scouting the area for any enemy activity with Hesh and Riley (the dog).

You're going to encounter a few enemies while scouting. Take them out and regroup with the rest of the team.

After regrouping with the rest of the team, provide them backup against the incoming enemies.

After dealing with the enemy soldiers at the LA River area, pick up the MAAWS at the end of the LA River.

Take out the enemy helicopters using the MAAWS rocket launcher. You can also use the laser to guide the rocket.

After destroying the enemy helicopters, get inside the SUV.

The game will skip forward 20 minutes, after arriving in Fort Santa Monica.

Report back to Elias.

Elias is going to give Logan and Hesh their next mission, which is going to be into No Man's Land. The mission willl end afterwards.

Mission #3 - No Man's Land

You will start the mission off by controlling Riley.

Once the guard split up, press Q to attack the remaining one.

You'll have to gather intel on Federation's activity in the area nearby you.

After following Hesh through the woods, you will reach Elias' old house, which is now destroyed. Head through the house and exit on the otherside.

Press 'F' to sync with Riley.

Attack the enemies found in the courtyard near Elias' house.

Follow Hesh to one of the houses next to the courtyard and breach inside.

After breaching and killing all the enemies inside the house, progress through the forest located at the back of the house.

You will encounter a few enemies in the forest.

Once you have finally reached the Federation, press 'F' to sync with Riley.

You'll have to make your way to the objective marker. Try to stay as low as possible and hidden in the grass.

While making your way through the wrecked cars, you will notice Rorke capturing Ajax, one of the remaining Ghosts.

Head to the rally point.

Regroup with Riley back in the forest.

You're going to get attacked by wolves.

However, you're going to get saved by Merrick.

Follow Merrick through the forest and head to the Firebase Charlie.

Deal with the enemies in the village.

After dealing with all the enemies, follow Merrick up the hill.

The mission will end after reaching the Firebase Charlie.

Mission #4 - Struck Down

At the beginning of the mission, you will have to locate Ajax through the .50cal scope.

Ajax is going to be at the press box, being beaten up by the Federation soldiers.

After locating Ajax, pick up the MK32 grenade launcher located on the floor.

A convoy of Federation will pass by you on the street. Use your grenade launcher to stick a grenade one of the trucks in the convoy.

After planting the grenade on one of the trucks, you and your team will head to a parking lot located nearby; enter the truck found in there.

Your team will start following the convoy. You will be ordered to detonate the explosives planted on the SUV.

Once you've detonated the bomb, Merrick head inside the stadium with the truck.

Take out the enemies inside the stadium and make your way to Ajax.

Use the remote sniper to take out the enemies behind the door.

After breaching inside there is going to be no sign of Ajax. However, Riley will smell Ajax's scent and lead you and the rest of the team to him.

You'll find Ajax inside a dark room. He is going to tell you and the rest of the team about Rorke's kill list which is located on the wall and he's going to die before revealing any other information.

Merrick and Keegan will carry Ajax's body to the exit of the stadium.

Use the remote sniper to protect Merrick and Keegan from enemy soldiers until the friendly chopper will rescure them.

Another friendly chopper will land on the stadium to rescure you and Hesh.

Use the remote sniper to prevent the enemy vehicles from destroying the friendly chopper. This is going to be the end of the mission.

Mission #5 - Homecoming

After landing, you will have to head to the front lines.

Take control of the LMG and defend the beach from the Federation.

Shortly after taking control of the LMG you will be warned of incoming artillery. Take cover and press 'N' to take control of the A10.

Take out the choppers using A10's 30mm minigun.

Soon after taking out all the choppers using the A10, you will fall on the beach.

You will have to fight your way through the trenches, try not to stay in open areas for too long.

Shortly after entering the trenches, you will be given access to the A10 once again. Try to focus on the large groups of enemies and enemy vehicles that are approaching you.

The A10 drones will get hit by rockets and crash, leaving you with no support against the incoming enemies and choppers. You will have to retreat with Hesh and start looking for your father.

After reaching the garage, you will have to start looking around for dad in the burning building.

As soon as you get upstairs you are going to get attacked and stabbed Federation soldier.

Hesh will arrive shortly after and kill the soldier.

You will get rescured by two Ghosts.

Hesh is going to tell one of them that you have to go back and keep on looking for dad. They are going to tell you that he isn't there anymore.

The Ghost will take off his mask, turning out to be your dad. He will let you know that all these missions you've been doing so far were some test given by him that you've successfully passed. This is going to be the end of the mission.

Mission #6 - Legends Never Die

The mission took place 12 years earlier. You are going to play as Elias (Logan and Hesh's father).

After landing, follow the tank and try to stay behind it and use it as a cover.

Follow Rorke inside the parking garage.

Once you've reached the top of the parking garage, wait for Rorke's go and start shooting at the convoy on the street.

After taking out all the enemies around the convoy, climb on top of the truck and melee the soldier inside.

Keep pushing forward.

When attempting to disable the second missle truck you will get knocked on the floor.

The city will start getting flooded. You will have to follow your team and move to a higher ground.

Once you've reached the top of the building start shooting at the incoming Federation soldiers.

The roof underneath you will collapse causing you to fall into the water.

Rorke will help you get out of the rushing water. You will have to follow him around and take out enemy soldiers on your way to regroup with Merrick.

After regrouping with Merrick, keep pushing on through the area full of Federation soldiers.

Once you have reached the top of the building start running to the helicopter and jump aboard.

After jumping aboard, you will get punched in the face by Almagro and pass out of a short amount of time. When you wake up, you will notice that he's about to shoot Rorke; take him out before he kills Rorke and prepare for the impact.

After chopper icrashed into a building, you will notice that Rorke is about to fall, repeatedly press 'F' to grab him.

Unfortunately, you will have to let go of his hand in order to save you and the rest of the team.

The mission will end after seeing Rorke fall into the water.

Mission #7 - Federation Day

The mission will take place in Caracas, at the present time.

You will have to use your Optic Scanner to search and confirm your target; Ramos.

After identifying the target, move between floors using the zip line and take out the targets inside.

When you're done with taking out all the targets, cut through the glass and enter inside the building.

Follow Keegan to the power system room.

Once you have reached the power system, start uploading the virus.

After uploading the virus hook back up to the rappel and kill the lights.

Use your knife to take out the enemy underneath you.

Follow Keegan through the building and take out the enemies on your way to regroup with Hesh.

After regrouping with Hesh you will have to disable the power to the elevators.

You will have to fight your way through the enemy forces after disabling the elevator.

Hook up to the rappel and get out of there.

You will have to rappel down before the floor you were on explodes.

Fight your way to Ramos (the High Value Target).

Hesh and Keegan will start interrogating Ramos, they are going to find Rorke's current location on Ramos' laptop.

Shortly after finding his location out, Rorke will appear on the television, telling you that he knew you were coming after him. He's also going to let you know that it was all a setup.

You will have to escape the building.

Break through the window before the building will totally collapse.

Deploy your parachute after breaking through the window.

Mission #8 - Birds of Prey

You will start off in a canyon. on your way towards the complex.

After arriving at the complex you will have to assault the factory and take out the enemy vehicles and the Federation soldiers.

Once you've got rid of all the enemies on the landing field, you will start playing as Logan once again. Your main objective is to find Rorke.

Progress through the area and eliminate as many Federation soldiers as possible.

At the end of the fight, you will switch back to the helicopter for a short moment. Take out the last Federation enemies remaining.

Follow Merrick and the rest of the team up to the roof and find Rorke.

On the roof you are still going to encounter a few Federation soldiers on your way to Rorke.

The mission is going to end after Merrick will find and capture Rorke.

Mission #9 - The Hunted

After free-falling out of the plane, you will end up landing in a forest. Your main objective is to regroup with the rest of the team.

Use your heartbeat sensor to locate the enemy soldiers patrolling the forest. Silently take them down as your make your way through the forest

You will meet up with Elias. He is going to let you know that Merrick and Hesh were captured by patrolls.

Shoot the enemy patrols to free Merrick and Hesh.

After rescuing Merrick and Hesh start following them through the river.

You will come across a helicopter making a supply drop. Try to stay low and do NOT shoot it.

You will encounter a patrol on your way to the fields. Use the waterfall to hide from them.

Once you've reached the fields, stay low and move slowly through the tall plants.

A missle will get launched while sneaking through the grass.

However, an enemy chopper will spot you shortly after the missle launch. You will have to follow the rest of the team down the hill and run for your life.

After sliding down the hill you will come across a waterfall; jump off it.

You will get rescued by a friendly boat after jumping into the river. The mission will end afterwards.

Mission #10 - Clockwork

You will start off in a forest. Your main objective is to get into the Federation's base undetected.

Follow your team through the snow.

You will come across a guard post, eliminate all the soldiers guarding the entrance inside the base.

Hide the dead bodies at the guard post.

A patrol vehicle will appear. Shoot the driver and enter the vehicle.

After getting inside the car a time will appear on the screen showing you the time left until the power will shut down.

Once you've reached the Federation's base, follow your team inside.

When the power goes out, put on your Night Vision Goggles and take out the enemies inside.

After dealing with all the enemies inside the base, you will come across a metal door. Pick up the drill on the floor and make sure not to drill too deep.

Once you've got past the door the lights will turn back on and enemies will start attacking you. Fight your way to the data center

After reaching the data center drop the bag you were carrying on the table. You will be given a turret, claymores and mines, use them before a wave of Federation soldiers will assault you and your team.

You will have to protect Hesh from the enemy soldiers while he's downloading the data needed.

Once the download is complete, make your way to the elevator.

Follow your team through the enemy base and head for the exit. Do not engage the Federation soldiers or else you will blow your cover away and they will start shooting at you.

After reaching the vehicles, get inside one and head to the exit.

Your cover will be blown on your way out of the Federation base and enemy vehicles will start chasing you on the frozen river, start shooting at them or at the ice underneath them and head to the extraction point.

The mission will end after reaching the extraction point.

Mission #11 - Atlas Falls

You start off underwater.

Detonate the explosive charges and take out the soldiers that fell into the water.

Get out of the water and fight against the remaining enemies on the surface.

After dealing with the enemies on the ground, start ascending using your grappling hook.

Fight against the Federation soldiers on the top deck and make your way to the Command Center.

Once you've reached the Command Center, you will have to keep the pressure in the green area.

Everything will go up in flames and start exploding. You will have to make a run to the friendly helicopter and get away.

Jump on the helicopter's ladder.

You will see Atlas getting destroyed right before the mission will end.

Mission #12 - Into the Deep

You will start off the mission in the ocean, equipped with scuba diving gear. In the first part of the mission all you have to do is follow Keegan.

You are going to encounter two soldiers patrolling under the water. Take them out and keep on moving.

You will encounter more enemy soldiers, you can try to sneak past them or start shooting at them.

After getting past the enemy soldiers, you will come across a metal door that you will have to cut open.

As you get past the metal door, the destroyer will start emitting sonar blasts. Try to stay behind Keegan and make your way through the containers to avoid getting hit by the sonar blasts.

Follow Keegan inside the lighthouse.

Once you've entered the lighthouse, you will have to launch the Proteus missle and guide it to the area that emits large heat in order to blow the ship up.

After firing the missle, the lighthouse will collapse, knocking you on the bottom.

Your oxigen mask will get stuck between the remains of the lighthouse. However, Keegan will get your mask fixed just before passing out from the lack of oxigen.

You are going to get assaulted by some divers, take them out and keep on moving.

They will start dropping depth charges in the water. Take cover in the ship before getting hit by any of these.

Once you've entered the ship, you will come across a pool of sharks. Let Keegan get past them first and once he's done, it's going to be your turn.

Try not to aproach them too much. or else they will immediately kill you.

After getting past the sharks, keep on following Keegan.

The mission will end after reaching the extraction point.

Mission #13 - End of the Line

Drop down and silently kill one of the soldiers. Merrick is going to take care of the other one.

Meet up with the rest of the squad and make your way inside the factory.

Once you've entered the factory, fight your way to the Black Zone.

After reaching the Black Zone, use your camera to take pictures of the rockets found inside the Black Zone and send them to Elias.

Once you've sent the photo to Elias, follow your team to the factory computers.

When you reached the room with the factory computers inside, start copying the data on them.

An explosion will occur outside the room while downloading the data, knocking Merrick on the floor.

Enemy soldiers will start attacking you. Try to take cover as much as possible.

Once your teammates threw a smoke grenade, put on your thermal goggles and start pushing forward; making your way out of there.

After successfully making it out of the factory you will encounter a few enemy vehicles. Try to blow them up and take the out the remaining soldiers around them.

A friendly trailer will arrive while fighting against the enemy vehicles and will blow up the remaining ones. Get on the trailer before more enemy vehicles will appear.

Start engaging at the enemy vehicles following you.

The mission will end after getting away through the woods.

Mission #14 - Sin City

You will start the mission off with a really long cutscene.

You'll be taken prisoner by Rorke's men while waiting for Keegan to rendezvous with you and the rest of the team.

After passing out, you will wake to see Rorke interrogating Elias to find out Keegan's location. When Rorke's interrogating Elias, press 'F' repeatedly to grab his pistol.

However, Rorke will grab your hand and make you shoot Elias in the chest three times.

You will both get knocked on the floor by Rorke, who's going to shoot Elias in the head.

The game will skip forward to 12 o'clock.

Rorke's men will prepare to execute you and the rest of the team. However, as one of Rorke's men prepare to execute Hesh, he's going to get sniped by Keegan.

After taking out the rest of the enemy soldiers in the room, follow Hesh and try to find a way to escape.

Once you've reached the balcony, start engaging the approaching patrols on Keegan's go and try to use the balcony walls as cover when hurt.

Keep on making your way to the exit.

Follow your squad through the broken window and slide down the glass building.

While sliding, you will fall down on the ground and pass out.

Shortly after waking up, you will notice Riley laying on the ground after attempting to attack a soldier and get shot by him.

Enemy soldiers will start attacking you. You will have to pick up Riley and put him behind cover and fight against the incoming soldiers.

After taking out all the enemy soldiers, pick up Riley and follow your team to the friendly helicopter. After getting inside the helicopter, the mission will end.

Mission #15 - All or Nothing

In the cutscene at the beginning of the mission, Merrick will give Logan (you) the Ghost mask that belonged to Elias.

At the end of the cutscene, the game will skip forward three days.

Follow Hesh upstairs to the flight deck.

Once you've made it on the flight deck, start shooting at the enemy soldiers and defend the ship. Regroup with Hesh once you're done fighting them.

After regrouping with Hesh, pick up the Osprey targeting control and head to the area of the ship that needs to be defended against enemies.

Start shooting at the enemies on boats and stop them from making their way up on the ship by cutting their ropes.

After a short amount of time, you will get to use the Osprey. Try to take out as many enemy boats as you can.

Follow Hesh to the Sparrow launcher.

Use the Sparrow launcher to desotroy the enemy helicopters, but focus on taking down the Federation gunship as fast as you can.

After taking down the Federation gunship, you will have to follow Hesh to the friendly helicopter on the other end of the ship and escape the sinking carrier.

Once you've made it to the helicopter and got away from the sinking carrier, the mission will come to an end.

Mission #16 - Severed Ties

You will start the mission in a plane that is carrying a few tanks.

However, the plane will get attacked by the Federation soldiers and the tanks that weren't damaged will get thrown out of the plane before the plane will crash.

After landing on the ground, follow the rest of the squad to the Federation's airstrip.

Once you've reached the airstrip, eliminate the airstrip defenses that are marked with indicators.

After eliminating all the airstrip defenses you will switch to Logan.

Take out the enemies on the roof that are carrying rocket launchers and the ones inside the building. Once you've did it, you will have to jump inside the building and head to the control room.

Breach inside the control room and eliminate all the enemies inside.

Launch the missile.

After launching the missile, make your way to the train.

On your way there, you will encounter a few enemies.

Once you've reached the train, you will switch back to the tank squad.

Follow your squad to the Federation's base.

After reaching the enemy base, start destroying their ground defenses.

At the end of your objective, your tank will get hit and you will pass out of a short period of time. When you will wake up, you will notice that there's one minute left until the impact. Get out of the destroyed tank as fast as possible.

Enter inside the second tank, waiting for you.

You will have to fight your way out of the enemy base before the impact.

Just as you get away from it, the complex will get hit and destroyed by the launched missile and the mission will come to an end.

Mission #17 - LOKI

After successfully destroying the Federation's complex in the previous mission, your team will assault the Federation's space station.

You will be playing as Sergeant Thompson. Follow your squad to the space station.

You might encounter a few enemy soldiers on your way there.

Once you've reached the space station, plant the explosive charge at the entrance and breach inside.

Eliminate all the Federation soldiers found inside the space station.

Activate the console and release the payloads.

After releasing the payloads, use the drone targeting system to get rid of the large clusters of Federation soldiers and vehicles.

Once you've dealt with all the Federation soldiers, you'll be ordered to fire at the train that Logan and Hesh are on. In fact, the order will actually come from them.

The mission will come to an end after firing the drone rockets at the train.

Mission #18 - The Ghost Killer

The mission will show you what has happened 15 minutes before firing the drone missile at the train. Hesh will let Merrick know that if he gives the command "checkmate", to launch a drone missile at the train.

Follow hesh and make your way to Rorke.

On your way to Rorke you are going to encounter a few enemy helicopters, take out the enemies inside shooting at you and keep on moving.

Once you've reached the last train car, prepare to breach inside.

Take out the enemy soldiers inside.

After entering inside the driver's room and taking out the two soldiers in there, Rorke's going to grab you and shoot Hesh in the stomach. Hesh will give Merrick the "checkmate" command, avoiding getting shot in the head by Rorke.

A few seconds after Hesh has given Merrick the order, the train will get hit by the drone missile and you (Logan) are going to pass out.

The impact will make the train fall underwater. Rorke will try to shoot you, but he will get bashed over the head by Hesh.

Pick up the .44 Magnum on the floor and try to shoot Rorke.

Unfortunately, the bullet is going to hit Hesh as well and the window behind them, flooding the train.

Grab Hesh and make your way out of the flooded train.

After reaching the shore drag Hesh on the beach.

Merrick will let you know that the evacuation team is coming for you.

However, Rorke's going to appear out of nowhere and kick Logan in the face.

He's also going to tell Logan that they are going to destroy Ghosts together.

Rorke's going to start dragging you away from Hesh.

The credits will appear after the previous cutscene of Rorke and Logan.

Once the credits are over, one last scene is going to show Logan being trapped inside a hole somewhere in the forest.

That was my Call of Duty: Ghosts walkthrough guide, I hope you found it helpful.