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Condemned Criminal Origins Walkthrough Chapter 10

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You'll have an encounter with the suspect and Vanhorn.

Go along the path and grab the 2x4 fire weapon.

Climb through the opening this made.

Take BIRD #1, this will unlock the "Chapter 10 Bronze Bird Award" Achievement.

Go through an opening in the boards ahead.

Open the door found here to exit the barn.

Go into the large building. You'll see some kind of shadow break down a wall. Continue through here.

Make your way to another building. On the side of it you should find METAL PIECE #1.

Take a path around the building. A tougher enemy will attack you as you continue along the path.

When you get to the other side of the building, you'll see health inside.

Make your way to a horse trailer. Move it.

This will reveal BIRD #2.

Continue down a dirt road. You'll find a tractor on your left with BIRD #3 on it.

Head down the road further. You'll find a bridge. Climb over the gate.

You'll fight several enemies on the bridge.

When they are defeated, look on the right side of the bridge for METAL PIECE #2. If you've collected all of them throughout the game, this will unlock the "Third Propaganda Report" Achievement.

Continue up the road. You'll see some torches along a path to the right of the road. Follow these.

Go in the building you come to.

You'll find some health on the table and a Rifle.

Move the green crate.

BIRD #4 is found behind it.

Switch the power lever.

Exit the building. You'll see a place you can jump down on your right. You might want to wait and jump down when the two enemies come up behind you.

Run to the right. You'll find a platform hovering overhead, run past this.

Run all the way to the next building.

When you get to the building, the platform will drop and an enemy will attack from near it. If you were fast enough, the platform dropping will block the other two enemy's path to you.

Defeat the enemy and continue through the building. You'll see some health inside.

Go past the trees.

You'll see a truck with some health on it.

Make your way to a fire. Enemies will attack from all sides, but these are easy.

Up ahead, you'll have a tougher battle with a ninja.

Go into the building ahead.

There is health in here.

Continue to any fires you see. Enemies will generally attack you when get near them.

Go through a building.

You'll come to some horse trailers. Two men will have rifles and start shooting at you. You can hide at the horse trailer on your right, letting them waste their ammo. There is health and a rifle in here.

After they've wasted their ammo, they should be easy to kill.

Keep progressing along the path, defeating any enemies that attck. You'll see an old house in the background.

Enter the house. You'll find BIRD #5 and some health on a table near the entrance.

There is also a sub-machinegun on this table.

Up ahead you'll find more health and another sub-machinegun.

Three of the tough enemies with 2x4 fire weapons will attack.

You can defeat them, or just run out the exit to the building.

You'll encounter a ninja next. Defeat him, or just run by him.

You'll come to another door to go through.

As you enter, there's a table on your right with METAL PIECE #3 on it. This is the final metal piece. If you collected them all, you'll unlock the "Fourth Propaganda Report" Achievement.

Around the corner, you'll see BIRD #6 stuck to a door via a stick. Grab the stick to get it. You should unlock the "Chapter 10 Silver Bird Award" Achievement.

You'll be in a dark room. There is some health on the table here.

Exit through the door. You'll come into a larger room. You'll see the boss standing on a platform, out of reach.

Waves of enemies will attack. Defeat them.

You'll find some health on the wall, below the boss.

Eventually, one of the enemies will have a Fire Axe. Defeat him and take the Fire Axe.

After you defeat his minions, the boss will drop down. Hit him with the Fire Axe 4 or 5 times.

Stop hitting him when he drops to the ground. Press up on the directional pad to rip some metal off his shoulders.

The boss will jump out of reach. More enemies will attack. They will move a rack, exposing some health on the wall.

Near the health box, you'll see a ladder. Climb up it.

Fight the boss some more.

When he falls to the floor, press up on the directional pad to rip some metal out of his spine.

You'll now fight him a third time. Notice the health on the ground here.

Hit him a few times.

Press up on the directional pad to rip the metal from his jaw.

He'll fall to his death.

Vanhorn will drive you out of here. You find out that the suspect is in the trunk. You get to decide whether to kill him or let him live.

You get an Achievement for either action, so you might want to replay the checkpoint after you win the game and do the other action.

You'll get the "Gold Game Completion Award" Achievement for completing the game.