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Condemned Criminal Origins Walkthrough Chapter 5

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You'll start with a cut scene showing Thomas talking to the Bureau.

When you gain control. Head forward using the right path. Then go left a bit. You should see a green box with a red ribbon around it. You'll find BIRD #1 here.

This will unlock the "Chapter 5 Bronze Bird Award" Achievement.

Go to the right. Grab any weapon you come across.

You need to walk around these escalators.

You'll come to a window that gets shattered by an enemy. They will run off.

Another enemy will attack you. Defeat him.

Go through the shattered window, then through the door found here.

You'll find some health on the wall. Use it if needed, then go through the door ahead.

You'll come to a room with some objects in your way. Move them. A man will get shot, then fly through the window.

Go past the shattered window and take a right.

You should find a pillar with some eyes on it. Take METAL PIECE #1 here.

Head back to the shattered window and take the other path. You'll come to a balcony. Head to the right.

On your right, you'll find a passage that has some display cases. Break open the one with BIRD #2 in it.

Continue up the stairs. You'll come to a larger room, where some mannequins come to life. Defeat them.

There will be some health on a counter.

Near this counter there is a path leading to a Sawed Off Shotgun and a small pipe.

You want to go toward the changing rooms. You should see Santa on the wall to your left and two pink chairs in front of you. Careful, because a mannequin with a nasty weapon will jump out at you.

Go left past the changing rooms. You'll come to a room with many mannequins in it. You need to investigate the red paint on the desk.

The print is missing the right index finger.

Above the desk you will find some blood splatter to investigate.

To the right of the desk area you will also find some health.

Go through the shut door in this room.

Behind a filing cabinet, you'll find a Sawed Off Shotgun.

Now exit the room and go down the stairs in front of you.

There is a girl to defeat.

Follow a trail of evidence.

Along the way, you will need to fight a mannequin.

Continue to follow the trail. You'll come to some objects you need to move.

Grab the sledgehammer, holding the elevator door open.

Go back the way you came. A few mannequins will attack.

Across from the first mannequin attack, you should find a door you can open with the sledgehammer.

You will then find some health that can be opened with the sledgehammer.

Head down the escalators.

There will be a few mannequins that attack you.

One will have a gun. Stay out of his sights and let him waste his ammo. Once he is out, just attack him.

Ahead, you'll find another mannequin hiding behind an object. Defeat him.

Further ahead, there will be a mannequin with a shotgun. Stay out of his sights. Then kill him when you get the chance.

You'll come to a room with a dead Christmas tree. You are told to follow a trail of evidence, but it just stops right near by. Go past the tree and up the stairs.

You'll find some pay phones. Next to one will be METAL PIECE #2.

Continue up the stairs. A bit to the left, you'll see three wood stacks. Head toward them.

Two mannequins will attack you.

One one of the pieces of wood, grab BIRD #3.

Now leave this area and head for a red health kit on the wall.

Go to the right from here. You'll find a mannequin with a shotgun.

If you wait behind the wall, but close. He'll waste his ammo. Defeat him when you can.

Head to the right. After a bit, mannequins will start surrounding you. You won't be able to get back at this point, without restarting a checkpoint or the chapter.

Go through a hole in the wall.

Jump down through the hole in the floor.

Up ahead, you'll see another hole in the floor to jump down.

Follow the trail of evidence.

Stop when you come to a mannequin's head and some footprints.

Investigate the footprints.

The lab tech will tell you that it's an exact match for the footprints in the train car.

Use your Gas Spectrometer. An enemy will break through a wall. Defeat him.

Go down the short steps, past the footprints. On the left side of the room, you'll find METAL PIECE #3 behind a rack on the wall.

Now go back to the footprints. Go through the hole in the wall the enemy made.

In a room on your left, you'll find BIRD #4.

An enemy will also attack you.

Continue past this room. You'll find a flooded area. An enemy will come to life in the water. Defeat it and grab the Fire Axe.

Now head back to the footprints again. Go straight, down the short steps.

On the right, you should come to some stairs. Some enemies will probably attack you here.

There will be two doors you can open with your Fire Axe. Go through the right one.

A room you come to will have an enemy leap out at you.

In this room, on a desk, will be BIRD #5.

You'll also find a health kit on the wall.

Go back to the other door and use the Fire Axe on it.

Go up the stairs and through the door.

There will be more health on the wall, if needed.

Your Gas Spectrometer will get very strong near the change rooms.

When you get close enough, you'll be told to search the dressing rooms for a body.

In the second change room you passed, you'll find BIRD #6.

This will give you the "Chapter 5 Silver Bird Award" Achievement.

Search the lockers until you find the one with a dummy and a dead body. Investigate them.

You will then be asked to photograph the victim's face.

And the victim's hand.

Now investigate some more. You'll find a mark on the neck of the victim.

There will be a commotion outside of the change rooms. Some thugs will be fighting the police.

Defeat the thug.

Continue toward the fight between the thugs and police. The thugs will kill some cops, then come after you.

Defeat the enemies and move toward the barricade where you can see the red and blue lights of the cop cars. You'll get a phone call from your lab technician. It seems someone is stalking serial killers.

The police will start throwing gas grenades in. You need to escape!

Go through the double doors. Other enemies will probably be running this way too.

Then open another set of double doors to complete chapter 5.

You'll unlock the "Chapter 5 Completion Award" Achievement.