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Condemned Criminal Origins Walkthrough Chapter 8

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Open the shut door on your right.

Behind the desk you'll find BIRD #1. This will give you the "Chapter 8 Bronze Bird Award" Achievement.

Exit the room and continue down the hall to a locked gate. To your right, you'll see debris in the path. It will move when you get close.

Follow the debris and take the door to the left of it.

Stick to the left wall. You'll find METAL PIECE #1 near a desk.

Go through the broken wall.

Grab the sledgehammer against the wall.

Unlock and go through the door on your left.

You'll find that you've come full-circle. Now you can use the sledgehammer on the gate.

Go up the stairs.

Then go through the door you come to.

You'll see a butcher near a stove. He'll send some enemies after you and run off. Fight the enemies, then continue into the room with the stove. Go through the door to the right.

You'll end up coming to a classroom with some enemies coming out of the roof. Defeat them.

Then go through the open door.

Another enemy will attack.

Go through the door to the left of the chalkboard.

Head down a hall, into the men's restroom.

You'll find BIRD #2 on some heap of organic matter.

Exit the restrooms and go through the door straight in front of you.

You'll find an enemy writing on a chalkboard. Defeat him.

Investigate the chalkboard that contains "Loose Lips Sink Ships."

Head back out of the room. On your way out, you'll fall through the floor. Defeat the enemy here.

Go through the door that has a red health box in it.

There is another door in this room to go through. You'll see a window with some meat hanging in it. Go toward the window.

Enemies will come out the door and attack.

Continue on. Crawl over the counter.

If you just stand here. An enemy with a gun won't notice you. Wait for the other enemy to leave the room, then stun the guy with the gun and finish him off.

Go to the door with more enemies through it. Try to back off and let them fight. Take care of anyone that is left.

In this room you'll find some stairs to go up. If you need health, follow the path the opposite direction first.

Go through one of the doors at the top of the stairs.

Head to the right, taking care of the enemy. Then go through the door at the end of the path.

Go down some stairs and jump down at the end of them.

Turn around and defeat the enemy. On your left, you'll see a path going past the stairs. Take this path.

You'll find BIRD #3 on the ground here.

Head back past the stairs and continue down the path. Enter a door at the end of the path.

You'll be in a kitchen. Go in the walk-in cooler.

Two enemies will swing along a meat hook track. If you hit them as they come by, you'll kill them.

In the back of this room, you'll find the Butcher. This is one tough enemy. One tactic is to fight the Butcher with a table between you.

When you kill the Butcher, take the Meat Cleaver from the body.

You'll find a dead body on a table. Use the Meat Cleaver on the body.

Now you can take the Fire Axe.

Exit out of the kitchen. On the way out, you'll see a health box.

Go back toward the stairs, fighting enemies along the way.

Before you get to the stairs, you'll see a door on your right. Use the Fire Axe to get through it.

You'll be in the gymnasium. Find the Power Box on the wall, and flip on the Circuit Breaker.

A basketball hoop will drop down from the ceiling.

Investigate the arm attached to it.

After this, part of the floor will cave in. Jump down in the hole.

To the left, you'll find a desk with METAL PIECE #2 near it.

Continue through this area. You'll find a red health box. Climb the adder near this.

Walk around the wall to find some stairs leading up and down. Take them down.

You'll find BIRD #4 on the floor here.

Look nearby for a TV. Use it to unlock the "Test Pattern TV Xbox 360" Achievement.

Go back to the stairs and climb to the top.

You'll be outside now. Go through the gate.

Walk onto the playground, where you'll see your body on the ground. You'll get a call from Vanhorn, asking you to meet him out front.

A few waves of enemies will attack you. Use the trash bin as cover. Sometimes you can get the enemies to fight each other. There's a rifle hidden in a room near the spot you saw your body.

The tough guy with the sub-machine gun opened a gate when he came out. Go through this.

Then jump down to the low window, breaking through it.

Go down the hall.

Investigate the blood you find on the wall.

Continue to the rusted metal door. Open it.

You'll come to a locker room. There will be an open door on your left.. go in it.

Take BIRD #5 here.

Exit back to the locker room. Follow the path until you find a window to jump through.

After you jump over the window, grab any health you need on the wall.

Move the object out of the way, and jump through the window.

Take out the enemies in this locker room.

Head to the back of the room. You'll find some lockers shaped in a U formation.

Investigate one of the lockers on the right.

Open the locker door.

Take a picture of the victim you find.

Rosa will ask for a close-up photo as well.

Take the shovel from the locker where the victim was.

Go through the shower room area.

After you get past the shower room, you'll find a gate to use the shovel on.

Turn the valve in here to get rid of the steam in the hall.

Go down the hall, to the left of the gate. Open the door on your left.

You'll find a swimming pool. Jump in.

Head to the shallow end of the pool. You'll end up having some kind of nightmare happen. There will be a dozen or so enemies to fight.

When you get back to reality, climb the ladder in the shallow end.

Go into the door you see straight ahead.

Grab the Fire Axe in this room.

Leave the room and stick to the left wall. You'll find a door to break open with the fire axe.

Go into the locker room. Turn around to defeat the enemy that comes up behind you.

You'll find some health on the wall here.

Go past the lockers. You'll find a sledgehammer on the left.

Use the sledgehammer to open the rusted, metal door on the right side.

Take METAL PIECE #3 in this room.

Go back, past the lockers. Near the health box you'll find an exit into the shower room.

Go through the bloody shower room.

You'll come to a bathroom.

There is a health kit on one of the sinks.

Go through the door.

Go down the hall and pick up BIRD #6 on a table. This will unlock the "Chapter 8 Silver Bird Award" Achievement.

Walk toward the counter, triggering some cut scenes.

You'll talk to Rosa about an Apple Orchard.

Continue forward. You'll see Vanhorn through the glass doors. Walk to him to end Chapter 8.

You'll unlock the "Chapter 8 Completion Award" Achievement.