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Condemned Criminal Origins Walkthrough Chapter 6

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You start off this chapter, talking to your lab technician.

Pick up BIRD #1 and BIRD #2, right in front of you.

You'll unlock the "Chapter 6 Bronze Bird Award" Achievement.

To your left, you should see BIRD #3 behind some plywood leaning on the wall. Grab the pipe to the right of this.

Go to the path to the right of the plywood. An enemy will drop through the roof.

Defeat him.

In a storage cabinet, you'll find a health kit.

Continue on this path. You'll come to a TV that will unlock the "Silver Detective Badge".

To the left of this, grab METAL PIECE #1.

Exit back out of this area. There will be more enemies to fight.

Go through the unfinished doorway to your left. Defeat the enemy here.

To your left, you'll have some colored lockers and more enemies to defeat.

In the blue storage cabinet, you'll find a Revolver.

Further down, you'll find some health kits.

Up ahead, you'll see a few file cabinets in a room. Enter this room.

An enemy with a shotgun will break in the room. Avoid his shots and dispense him.

Move the filing cabinet.

This will reveal BIRD #4.

Go though the hole in the wall, made by the enemy with the shotgun.

Rosa will call you. The police are on route.

Behind the desk, grab METAL PIECE #2.

Climb through the window.

Grab BIRD #5 out here.

Go up the ramp.

Jump down to the ground.

Go around the fence and grab BIRD #6.

You will unlock the "Chapter 6 Silver Bird Award" Achievement. Jump down here.

Follow the wall to your right. You'll find METAL PIECE #3.

Look behind you to see a red Health Kit on the wall.

There will be several enemies to fight. Get as many to fight each other as you can.

After a while, an enemy will kick in the gate on a fence. Go through this gate and up the stairs.

You'll find some more health at the top of the stairs. After healing, jump into the dumpster.

A few enemies will jump onto the dumpster. Take them out with your weapon.

You'll automatically hide, ending the chapter.

You'll unlock the "Chapter 6 Completion Award" Achievement.