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Condemned Criminal Origins Walkthrough Chapter 3

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Walk until you find a door to open.

You're in a train station. Look to the right of the escalators. You'll see two newspaper boxes.

On top of the green newspaper box, grab BIRD #1. This will unlock the "Chapter 3 Bronze Bird Award" Achievement.

Walk down the non-functioning escalators.

You'll find a small pipe on the ground. Pick it up.

Continue on. The suspect will get away, but you'll find three more enemies to defeat. Take the Fire Axe from the first one.

Pick up BIRD #2 from the bench.

Find the door that can be opened with the Fire Axe.

There is a storage cabinet inside with some health.

Move the rack that blocks your path.

You'll find a black storage cabinet with BIRD #3 in it.

Open the door you come to.

Go past two soda machines.

You'll come to several enemies to defeat.

Eventually, you'll come to some ticket booths with more enemies. Sometimes if you back off, they will fight each other. Defeat the remaining enemies.

Inside one of the ticket booths, you'll find some health.

Continue ahead. You'll find a few enemies with shotguns. Defeat them as quickly as possible.

You'll come to another ticket booth. Go inside.

Move the cash register.

You'll find METAL PIECE #1 here.

Get to the right of the ticket station. You should find a door to use your Fire Axe on. If you don't have your Fire Axe, look around on the walls for one.

In the room ahead, you'll find BIRD #4 on top of the TV. To the left of this will be some health.

Go through the door you come to.

An enemy will use his own Fire Axe to break through the door in front of you. Defeat him and another enemy with a .45.

Continue along the path. You'll find BIRD #5 flapping on the ground.

On the wall to your right, you'll find some health.

Nearby there will be a chain you can climb over.

You'll then have several enemies to defeat.

To the right of a bench you'll find METAL PIECE #2.

Go down the path to the right of this bench.

Some health will be on the wall.

Go down the stairs.

Along the way down, you'll find BIRD #6.

This will unlock the "Chapter 3 Silver Bird Award" Achievement. Continue down the stairs.

Go to the back of the train.

Jump down onto the tracks. On the wall, you'll find METAL PIECE #3. If you've found all the metal pieces to this point, you'll unlock the "First Propaganda Report" Achievement.

Climb onto the back of the train.

You'll be taken for a ride. Eventually an enemy will jump on the train. Knock him down.

The suspect will knock you off the train.

Chapter 3 Complete. You'll unlock the "Chapter 3 Completion Award" Achievement.