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Condemned Criminal Origins Walkthrough Chapter 4

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Use the Gas Spectrometer to located BIRD #1.

This will give you the "Chapter 4 Bronze Bird Award" Achievement.

Continue forward, until you find a path to your right. Grab the 2x4 Nails weapon here before entering the thin passage.

An enemy will attack as you go through the passage. Defeat him and take his weapon.

Go up the ladder you come to.

Open the gate.

Fight another enemy.

Go up another ladder.

After a bit, you'll need to jump down to the next area.

You'll fight several enemies here.

Continue straight ahead. You'll find a red tank.

Behind the red tank is a movable wall.

Behind the wall is a Static TV Achievement.

Leave the hidden room and go to the left of the gate in front of you.

You'll find METAL PIECE #1 in the corner.

Go back toward where you first jumped down in this area. On your left, you'll see a small passage. Go this way.

Continue exploring this area until you find a shovel. Pick it up.

There are a few gates you can break open with the shovel.

One will have health in it.

The other will have a ladder that you need to climb up.

Navigate over the wooden planks, keeping to the right.

You'll need to drop down onto the storage lockers below.

Then drop down to the floor and continue through the doorway.

Get on the train tracks and head to the right.

Go up the stairs you come to.

Enter the subway train.

Investigate the fire extinguisher.

You'll find some unusable smudged prints on it.

Investigate the fire extinguisher again.

You'll collect some DNA from it. The lab tech says it will take a while for the results.

There is a health kit at the other end of the compartment.

An enemy will attack you.

Once defeated, go through to the other compartment.

Exit the train through the open door.

There is a strong enemy out here. Use your stun gun on him, then take his sledgehammer and defeat him.

Use the sledgehammer on the gate ahead.

You'll find a fan with a map on it. Investigate it.

Your lab tech says she'll get back to you in a while with more information.

Kick in the fan, then jump down the hole you made.

Go through the white door you find in this area.

You'll find BIRD #2 in this room.

You'll also find some health in a storage cabinet.

Leave that room and go through an open door, using the stairs that go downward.

You'll come to some steam that blocks your passage. Grab the Fire Axe and head back.

Go to the door that can be opened with the fire axe. The lab tech will contact you about specific routes that seem to be marked on the map. Break through the door with the axe.

You'll come to a manhole with two enemies coming out to attack you.

After you defeat the enemies, drop down in the manhole.

You'll find a valve to turn in here. This will turn off the steam from where you got the Fire Axe.

Climb back out of here.

Make your way back toward where the steam was. You'll see an enemy up ahead.

You'll come to a ladder to go down. First defeat the enemy with the gun that comes up behind you, then drop down.

Go over the ramp.

Turn around and go down the ladder.

Next to the ladder is a path you need to go down. Defeat the enemy you find here.

Up ahead there will be a room on your left that asks you to use the Gas Spectrometer to find BIRD #3.

Continue on. There will be many enemies in your path ahead.

You'll find a health kit on the wall as well.

Past the enemies and health kit, climb up a ladder you come to.

There will be two strong enemies up here. You may want to use your stun gun to help defeat them.

Climb up the ladder you find in this room.

At the top, you'll find some health.

To the right, you'll find BIRD #4 on a cardboard box, next to a shovel.

Turn around and drop through the hole.

Open the storage cabinet in front of you to get some health.

You may want to avoid the storage cabinet behind you though. An enemy will come out of it.

Go down the stairs.

On the way down, you'll find BIRD #5.

Continue down many steps. Grab the shovel you find along the way.

Eventually, you'll reach a room that has a gate you can use the shovel on.

When you do, it'll catch fire.

Go up one set of stairs you find near the fire.

Take a right and turn the steam valve.

Then continue up the stairs, fight the enemy, and turn the next valve.

Another enemy will attack.

Go down the stairs and go through the gate where the fire was.

You'll find some health here.

Continue forward. You'll go right at some train tracks. Take a right on the stairs you come to.

Open the door at the top of the stairs.

You'll come to some train cars. There will be many enemies around. On your left will be an enemy with a gun. Stun him if you wish, then defeat him. You may want to let the other enemies fight for a while, since they'll kill each other.

Go up the stairs to the second train.

Go to the back of the train. You'll find a cardboard box on the floor. Move it to reveal a Sawed Off Shotgun.

Near here there is a boarded up path. Take METAL PIECE #2 on here.

Go up the stairs.

You'll see health on the wall and a table to the right.

Take BIRD #6 from the table.

This will unlock the "Chapter 4 Silver Bird Award" Achievement.

Investigate the blueprint.

Your lab tech will want you to investigate the red circled area next.

She will tell you about a hidden compartment in the ceiling of the train car.

You'll find a door near the health on your left.

In this room you need to investigate the crowbar.

The tip has plaster mix from mannequins on it. Take the crowbar.

When you leave the room. There will be a strong enemy. I recommend stunning him and taking his plank. Use it against him. It seemed to kill him faster for me than the crowbar. Pick up the crowbar when he is defeated.

Go down one set of stairs. Find a plank leading to the lower train car.

Use the crowbar on the door.

Investigate the train car. You'll find a foot on one of the seats.

The lab tech thinks some of the plaster dust was on the shoe.

Open the compartment over your head.

Some mannequin parts will fall out. Investigate one of the arms, taking a picture of the store name it came from.

You'll decide you want to investigate the department store it came from. A train nearby will take you to where you need to go.

An enemy will drop into the train car. Defeat him.

Climb up the ladder to get on the roof.

Defeat the enemy on the roof.

Climb up the ladder on the wall.

Fight the enemy that run away.

After the fight, you'll find some health on the wall.

There will be a gate ahead. Don't go through just yet, instead go down the left path.

You'll find METAL PIECE #3 on a wall, near some cardboard. Now head back through that gate.

There will be many enemies fighting. They will generally ignore you. Climb the ladder up ahead.

Go over the ramp and climb the next ladder.

Go up the stairs.

Go past the manhole.

You should come to the room where you initially had kicked the fan out, then dropped into.

Use the silver door here.

Go up the stairs.

Now just walk toward the white door to end Chapter 4.

For completing Chapter 4, you'll unlock the "Chapter 4 Completion Award" Achievement.

After you've defeated three levels with only melee weapons, you'll unlock "Silver Melee Master Award"