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Condemned Criminal Origins Walkthrough Chapter 7

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Go through the archway on the left side of the wall in front of you.

Pick up BIRD #1 on the lobby desk.

You'll unlock the "Chapter 7 Bronze Bird Award" Achievement.

Go through the arch to the right of the desk.

Press the button to call the elevator.

Take the elevator to the basement.

When you exit the elevator, you'll see health on your right.

To the left, you'll see a desk. Go down the hall to the left of it.

You'll find Rosa back here.

She shows you a file the government has on you.

Take the Super Taser.

Follow Rosa.

She'll unlock an office door and ask you to search it.

Go through the office. Some thugs will attack you.

After the attack, go back to the door. It'll be locked, so climb through the window.

Go into the office door directly in front of you.

Rosa will be here. She'll ask you to use the computer.

The network is down. You'll have to go to the server room.

Exit the office. Rosa will disappear. Go down the hall on your right.

You'll find an open door on your right. Take it and go through the double doors ahead.

Take a right down this hall.

You'll find some library book carts. BIRD #2 will be on one.

Continue down the hall. Near the server room door you'll be asked to investigate. Check on the ground to the left of the server room door.

An enemy may burst through the door back the way you came, or this may happen after the next part.

Continue down the hall. You'll see some books and a crate.

Move the crate.

You'll reveal METAL PIECE #1.

Now go through the door the enemy busts through.

Fight a few guys here.

Then go through the door you find on the right wall.

You'll find an enemy with a gun here. You may want to hide behind objects to let them waste ammo.

There will be health kits on the wall.

To the left of the health kit, you'll see some file cabinets under a desk. Move one.

This will reveal BIRD #3.

Continue down the path to the left of the desks.

Explore this area, finding the enemy with the Fire Axe. Grab the Fire Axe.

Head back to the server room door and use the Fire Axe on it.

Investigate the server cabinets to find some evidence.

The cabinet door will open afterward, revealing a crowbar. Take it.

On the wall here, you'll see some health.

Take a right out of the server room door. Keep to your left until you find a metal gate you can open with your crowbar.

Press the elevator button.

Continue to the first floor.

There will be enemies with guns at the lobby desk.

There is health on the desk.

In case you don't have a crowbar, you'll find another one on the desk.

You'll find a couple archways on one side of the desk. Go into one of these.

Use the crowbar on the metal door you come to.

Use the TV to unlock the "Bird Bath Xbox 360" Achievement.

You'll find some health on the wall here as well.

Go back into the lobby and look for a large painting with some gates on either side. Use the crowbar to get through one of the gates. They lead to the same place.

Fight the enemies found up here.

Go into a room that asks you to use your Gas Spectrometer.

This will lead you to BIRD #4. Pick up the sledgehammer here.

On the right side of this room, use the sledgehammer to free the moving ladder.

Then move it.

Climb the ladder.

At the top, you'll find BIRD #5.

Drop down to Rosa.

Rosa will wake up and use the computer. When she is done, follow her.

She'll open a door and wait for you to lead the way.

You'll come to a large room and hear sounds of creatures crawling around.

Go through the door on the other side of this room.

After a bit, you'll come to a room that was hit the most by fire damage.

Make your way around the maze-like area. You'll find some eyes on the wall with a crate under them. Move this.

You'll reveal METAL PIECE #2.

This should unlock the "Second Propaganda Report" if you've collected all of them thus far.

Continue forward until you find an open gate ahead. Walk toward it.

You'll end up falling through the floor instead, breaking your flashlight.

You'll have some kind of nightmares and Rosa will bring you her flashlight.

Work your way through the maze of books. Defeat any enemies that get in your way.

Eventually, you'll find a pit with Rosa on the other side. Jump down into the pit.

You'll find some health here on the wall.

Explore until you see an enemy come through the roof. Defeat the enemies.

You'll find BIRD #6 on the desk, unlocking the "Chapter 7 Silver Bird Award" Achievement.

Work your way further. You'll come to some enemies with guns. Defeat them.

Then go in the door they came out of.

There will be a desk you can move.

This will reveal METAL PIECE #3.

Exit the room and keep to the left. You'll come across Rosa.

Follow Rosa. You'll see some health on the wall.

Rosa will ask you to take the lead when going down to the basement. Go down the stairs.

Open the door at the bottom.

Rosa will do some research here. The suspect will listen in on you.

Fight the enemies that attack.

Follow Rosa to the exit.

Walk up to the exit to end Chapter 7.

You'll unlock the "Chapter 7 Completion Award" Achievement.