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Condemned Criminal Origins Walkthrough Chapter 9

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Investigate the writing on the wall to your right.

Rosa thinks there will be more riddles around to investigate.

You can investigate to find paths to them, or just follow my lead.

Go through the door to the left. Grab BIRD #1 on the table here. This will unlock the "Chapter 9 Bronze Bird Award" Achievement.

Go through the double doors in the living room.

Go through the door straight ahead.

Take the left door at the end of the hall.

Move the dresser in here.

You'll find METAL PIECE #1 behind it.

Exit back into the hall and take the left door to enter the kitchen.

Open the refridgerator door to reveal BIRD #2.

Open the oven on your left. Investigate the writing inside.

Go through the door between the oven and fridge.

Go down the stairs, to the basement.

There will be a few enemies to fight here.

From the bottom of the stairs, head down the hall on the right. Look for an alcove on the right with some boxes in it.

You'll find METAL PIECE #2 in this room.

Continue to the next room. Defeat any enemies that attack. Look for a tall mirror. BIRD #3 will be sitting in front of it.

Head down the path, left of the mirror. You'll see some health on the wall here.

Around the corner, look for a sink. Investigate the writing.

A few more enemies will come at you.

Continue forward. After going through a doorway there will be a rusted stove on your right. Move the stove.

It'll reveal a room with some guns in it.

You'll also find a TV, which will unlock the "Gold Detective Badge" Achievement.

Continue down a hall with a couple of planks on the ground.

You'll be back to the basement stairs. Go up the stairs.

Go through the kitchen.

Then through the living room.

You want to back where you started. Go up the staircase here.

At the top of the stairs, take a right. You'll come to a hall with some doors.

Go through the second door on your left.

Move the bathtub.

This will reveal BIRD #4.

There will be some health above the toilet.

Open the closet and investigate some writing on the wall.

Grab the sledgehammer from the closet.

Exit the room and continue down the hall, entering the last door on the right.

Take BIRD #5 from the bed.

Open the closet and take METAL PIECE #3.

Use the sledgehammer on the locked door.

Go up the stairs to the attic.

You'll see some health as you travel forward.

When you come to the large room, BIRD #6 will be on the right. This should give you the "Chapter 9 Silver Bird Award" Achievement.

Head to the opposite end of the room. A ninja will attack from behind.

Continue to a hole in the floor. Drop down it.

Open a bench here.

Investigate the writing inside.

Rosa will piece together the phrases.

Slide the piano out of your way.

Exit the door and go down the stairs on your left.

Head through the living room.

Then through the kitchen.

And down the stairs to the basement.

Fight some more enemies.

Rosa will call with an answer to the riddle.

Go to the mirror we found earlier. Open it like a door.

Look for some newspaper on a table here. Take a picture of it.

Go back up the attic stairs and head back to your starting point.

A piano will fall down the stairs, blocking your access.

In the doorway straight ahead, you'll see some health on the wall. You'll need this shortly.

Walk around the rooms you have access to. Enemies will attack you in waves. One will have a crowbar. Take the crowbar.

You can open the safe in the living room with the crowbar.

You'll find a couple of guns inside.

Eventually, an enemy will have a Fire Axe. Defeat him and take the axe.

Use the Fire Axe on the railing near the piano.

Now you can slide the piano off the stairs.

Go up the staircase.

At the top of the stairs, take a right. You'll come to a hallway. The first door will now be open.

Inside the room, investigate the fingers of a dead body.

You're lab access will be terminated.

Go out near the staircase and wait for the suspect to attack you. Fight him until the chapter ends. It can be difficult, but keep trying.

You should get the "Chief Investigator Award" Achievement if you've investigated everything along the way. You'll also get the "Chapter 9 Completion Award" Achievement.