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Condemned Criminal Origins Walkthrough Chapter 2

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You'll find Malcolm Vanhorn in your apartment. He'll tell you that the police are after you. When the police show up, he has you exit via a window and he covers for you. Head forward, to the left of the fence.

Grab the shovel.

Go back to the gate on the fence. Use the shovel to break it open.

Go down the stairs.

Head forward to a trash can. Investigate the photos in it.

You will still have access to your lab assistant. She'll tell you that someone has been photographing you in your apartment.

Continue forward. You'll find some fluid used to make the photos near a dumpster. Investigate them.

The lab tech will inform you that these were processed within this station.

An enemy will come toward you. Stun him.

Then grab his crowbar and kill him with it.

Use the crowbar on the locked box next to the roll up door.

Press the button in the box to open the door.

Head straight ahead, through the room.

Turn to your left. You'll see a door to go through on the right.

Grab BIRD #1 in this room.

This will give you the "Chapter 2 Bronze Bird Award" Achievement.

Exit the room. There will be a few enemies to defeat.

Go through the shut door found nearby.

Go up the stairs in this room.

At the top of the stairs, head through the double doors.

You'll come to some stairs. Vanhorn will call you and inform you that the police are ransacking your apartment, looking for evidence. When the call is done, go up the stairs.

When you get to the top of the stairs, turn around and defeat the enemy that follows you up.

To the right of the stairs, you'll find the lounge. Enter it.

Walk through the lounge until you find another shut lounge door. Go through it.

Go down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, go through the door.

You'll come to an enemy with a gun. Defeat him.

Go through the door with "Archives" labeled next to it.

Head up the stairs.

Grab the Sledgehammer on the ground in this area.

In the room with the sledgehammer, you'll find some health.

You'll also find a movable filing cabinet.

Take METAL PIECE #1 after moving the filing cabinet.

Exit the room and find the locked door. Unlock it and go through.

Make your way through the lounge again.

A few enemies will attack you along the way.

Past the lounge, you'll find a door with a lock on it. Use the sledgehammer to bust the lock, then go through the door.

Go through a door in this area.

Then down the stairs that follow.

At the bottom of the stairs, go through a door.

You'll come to an office area. Vanhorn will call you again. He'll mention some kind of special abilities you have.

Go up the short stairs and through the door.

Go up some more stairs, then duck under the gate.

You'll detect the smell of a dead bird in the area.

Don't bother finding the bird until you kill a few enemies in this area.

Then use the Gas Spectrometer to find BIRD #2. It'll be located on the ground, near an ATM machine.

Now go through the hall, opposite where you found the bird.

Go to the right when you see the ATM machine. You'll find some health on the wall.

Move the cart to reveal BIRD #3.

Turn around and head straight. You'll pass a kitchen area and be attacked by an enemy.

After defeating him continue forward. You'll come to a room that asks you to investigate. Defeat an enemy in this room before you do.

When you investigate, you'll see a trail of liquid on the floor. It'll go through a gate you can't pass. There will be a path on your left that will bring you to the other side of this gate.

Down this path, you'll find a few more enemies to defeat.

Go down the stairs you come to.

At the bottom of the stairs, use the door.

As you continue forward, you'll pass by a door that requires a Fire Axe. Remember to come back here later.

Follow the trail to an elevator door.

Scan the elevator buttons for fingerprints.

It won't be enough for the lab tech to work with.

Continue along the path. You'll find two doors that can be opened with a Fire Axe. Both should be labeled "Elevator Power Box".

Go through a door you come to.

You'll find a room with two roll up doors. When you get close, they will open.

Two enemies will attack.

Some health will be located between the roll up doors.

Go through the roll up door and grab the Fire Axe on the wall.

Turn around and look for an open door with a ladder going down. Take it downward.

Go through the tunnel a ways. Between two horizontal pipes, you'll find METAL PIECE #2.

Go back the way you came and go up the ladder.

Backtrack to the "Elevator Power Box" door. Use the Fire Axe to open it.

You'll find some health on the wall here.

You'll also find a lever you need to pull to get the elevator back online.

Use the Fire Axe on the other door in this room.

Find the first door that required the Fire Axe. Break it down.

Use the TV inside to unlock the "Ripple TV Xbox 360" Achievement.

Go to the elevator, which you should find open.

Get in the elevator and use the controls to go to the 3rd floor, which is your only option.

Head to the right as you come out of the elevator. You'll find a bird flapping on the ground. This is BIRD #4 to collect.

Continue on. This hallway will end up being blocked by an enemy. Go through the door on your right.

There will be three or four enemies to take care of. Luckily they don't really gang up on you. One will have a shotgun though.

Enter the Men's room as you come to it.

In a toilet you'll find BIRD #5.

Exit the men's room to the left. Take out any enemies and follow the trail of the liquid until you see a cut scene. You'll find a storage cabinet blocking your path. Don't move it just yet.

Take the door to the right, found before the storage cabinet.

Grab METAL PIECE #3 on the wall.

Go back to the storage cabinet and investigate the floor to the left of it. You'll find some scratch marks to report to the lab tech.

Now you can move the storage cabinet.

Go through the door you find behind it.

Keep to your left. You'll find some health on a shelf here.

Then you'll find an observation room. Investigate the recorder to find more fingerprints.

The lab tech won't find these on file anywhere.

There is a storage cabinet here with more health in it.

Exit this room and keep to the left. Go through the wood door you find.

Investigate the newspaper clippings on the wall.

These are all cases you've worked on.

Exit the room and fight the shadowy figure.

After the fight, you'll see the suspect through a couple of broken windows.

Go around the first wall and then climb through the window to chase the suspect.

Along the way, you'll find some health in the corner.

Eventually, you'll come to a balcony. You'll find BIRD #6 on it, which will unlock the "Chapter 2 Silver Bird Award" Achievement. You'll see the suspect running below.

Take the stairs down. Along the way, you'll fight an enemy.

When you follow the suspect, you'll see a bunch of birds flying through the large window.

Go into the area marked "TRACKS 25-31".

Pass through the open door here, completing Chapter 2.

You will unlock the "Bronze Melee Master Award", if you complete the level without firing a weapon. You also unlock the "Chapter 2 Completion Award" for completing the level.