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Condemned Criminal Origins Walkthrough Chapter 1

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Welcome to our Condemned: Criminal Origins walkthrough. This walkthrough was completed using the default Normal difficulty on the Xbox 360 game console.

After the cut scene, you'll be instructed to follow Detective Dickenson to a crime scene.

You'll need to press the A button to duck under the police tape.

Follow Detective Dickenson through the building.

Dickenson will eventually tell you to turn on your flashlight. Do this with the B button.

Dickenson will walk away from you. Go through the door he passes on the right.

On a shelf you'll find a dead bird. Press A to pick it up. This is BIRD #1.

You'll earn an achievement, "Chapter 1 Bronze Bird Award." There are six birds to collect in each chapter of the game.

Leave the room and find Dickenson. He will introduce you to Officer Becker.

Follow Dickenson to the corpse.

You'll get a phone call from Lieutenant Rosa, your lab technician.

Go up to the corpse and press the X button to investigate the crime. You'll use a UV light to find the trauma point on her neck.

Once you find the trauma point, you'll be able to press X to use the collection tool. You'll use a digital camera to take a picture for your lab tech. You'll need to use the left and right analog sticks to get the picture framed properly. Once you do, the white bars on the screen will glow brightly.

Now press the RT (Right Trigger) button to collect the evidence. This is will the picture to the lab.

The lab will want more evidence. Use X to investigate the mannequin sitting at the table. You'll find a mark on the face of interest.

Press X to collect the evidence. You'll need to use the left analog stick to focus the picture. The two small arrows on the picture will line up when it is focused. Press the RT button to send the evidence.

After this Dickenson will smell cigarette smoke. Follow him into a room with some windows.

Walk over to a table with an ashtray to start a cut scene.

Dickenson will tell you to get the lights back on.

You'll get a call, telling you of an enemy in your path.

You will now have a gun to fight with.

As you proceed forward. An enemy will jump out at you. Shoot him in the head for an instant kill. If you are trying for Achievements you may want to fight only with melee weapons. You can make a gun into a melee weapon by pressing the RB button. I did shoot the first few enemies with a gun in this chapter, and still got the Achievement at the end of the game. Maybe the first few enemies don't count since they are kind of a tutorial?

Another call will give some more information on these enemies.

Go through the door to the left of the storage cabinet.

You'll find an enemy laying on the ground, nearly dead. You can kick enemies when they're down by pressing the right analog stick as a button.

You'll find a storage cabinet in this room. Press A to open it.

Inside will be a Health Kit. Press A to use it, if needed.

Leave the room. On your right you'll find a door with some stairs in it.

Climb up the staircase.

Go straight as you come out of the stairwell.

Take a left at the end of the hall.

Then turn into a room to your right.

There will be a room to the right containing a METAL PIECE #1 on the wall. Pick it up with A. There are three metal pieces to find in each chapter.

Go back to the stairwell. The path that was originally blocked on your left will now be cleared.

Take this path and you'll find another enemy you need to kill.

In the middle windowsill you will find BIRD #2.

At the other end of this room, you'll find a storage cabinet. There's a Health Kit inside if you need it.

Go through the door to the right of the storage cabinet. Continue along the linear path given. You'll be following the suspect as you go.

The suspect will end up getting out of reach. Go through the door you come to.

At the opposite end of this room, you'll find the lever you need to pull to restore power.

When you pull it, you'll get an electric shock. You'll end up dropping your gun. The suspect will pick it up and take off.

Follow the suspect. You'll need to find weapons to use on the way. You can grab things like this Small Pipe to use as a weapon.

Move the desk in your path by pressing A.

Head through the doorway on your left.

You'll come to an area with a Health Box on the wall. Use this if needed.

On the floor, near the Health Box, you'll find BIRD #3.

Go back to the desk and take the other path given. You'll reach a room with an enemy ripping open a wall.

Two enemies will attack. Defeat them with your weapon. There is an achievement for picking up every weapon in the game, so you may want to watch out for weapons you can pick up. The game is sometimes picky about registering this unfortunately.

Go through the opening they made and head left.

At the corner of the hall, you'll find METAL PIECE #2.

Continue forward. You'll come to a room where you'll smell decaying flesh. Press X to investigate with your Gas Spectrometer.

The readout on the spectrometer will tell you how close you are to the smell. It'll lead you to BIRD #4.

Go out of this room and to your right. Here you'll find a Health Kit Station on the wall.

Break the glass with your weapon, then use the health if needed.

Go through the double doors to the left of the health station.

Go up the stairs you come to.

Keep moving ahead. You'll come to a window with Dickenson talking to you. He'll give you a fire axe.

You'll also be informed that you have a taser available to stun enemies. This can be used with the LB button.

Below the window, you'll find BIRD #5.

Pick up the fire axe on the floor.

Backtrack the way you came. Near the stairs you'll find a door you can use your axe on.

Swing the axe twice to break down the door.

You'll unlock an Achievement here, "Bronze Detective Badge."

Go back to the window, where you talked to Dickenson. If you look the opposite direction from the window, you'll see another door that you can use the axe on.

Inside will be two enemies. One will throw a chair at you and want to fight, while the other will flea. Kill the enemy here and then follow the enemy that ran away.

You'll eventually catch back up with the other enemy. Dispatch him.

Near here, you'll find BIRD #6 on a plywood table.

You'll unlock the "Chapter 1 Silver Bird Award" Achievment.

Go back to the two storage lockers near you. Go past them on the left.

Then turn to the right. You'll see two more storage cabinets.

On the opposite wall from these storage cabinets, you'll find a Health Box. Heal yourself if needed.

Continue to the room past the storage lockers. You'll find a pillar here with eyes on it. There will be METAL PIECE #3 embedded in the pillar.

Leave the room. Ahead of you there will be an open door. Go through it.

Continue down the path until you find two more enemies to kill.

Once they are dead, a door will open. Go through it.

Watch the cut scene.

You have completed Chapter 1. This unlocks the "Chapter 1 Completion Award" Achievement.