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Cry of Fear Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Lost in a City

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Simon gets a text from his mother to get home as soon as possible.

The phone works as a small flashlight; Simon is also carrying a pocket knife.... What? Didn't you as a teenager?

"Help me" What is going on here? There is a padlock on the door that we need to get the combination for.

We will be seeing this one a lot.

Sweeden is eerily oppresive.

Many of the locations in the game are based on real places, such as this one.

The clock tower strikes 12 times; so it is about 11: 50 as we start the game. We need to pick up 2 pieces of paper, here is one.

The other is down the small alleyway.

We enter these as the username and password on the computer inside the small shop.

I think the front door just opened...

What is...

Did you see someone....?

We then enter the code we got from the computer to unlock the door.

Someone seriously needs to fix the lights.

Is someone standing behind that door?

I guess so.

"Look to the right."

That door wasn't open a second ago...

Use the tape recorder to save your game.

The camera switches to a POV, a hand reaches out and opens a door.

Simon walks along...

No Simon it's ketchup.

Magical pixie dust Simon...

Yeah, because THIS isn't setting up anything...


*Heavy bassline*


It's like Psycho, only the roles have reversed.

This question is acually answersed! (Kind of)

112, I killed the hell out of a dude in the sewers. (That's the Swedish emergency phone number by the way.)

But of course you will call the police when you get topside right? RIGHT!?!?!?

Can't stop takin' dees pills... wait wrong game... Morphine will replenish most of your health, so use it wisely.

Oh yeah this doesn't look bad at all.



After fighting a 3rd enemy we get back into some light. Always save your game whenever you find a tape recorder.

The left has 1 enemy and a morphine.

There is a gate and a Slower around the left corner, kill it then move straight ahead.

There is a switch to open the gate down here but...


We get back outside for a breather, only to have to imediately go back into one of the creepier parts of the game.

Welcome to the apartments, one of the most frequenly visited parts of the game.

The elevator is stuck somewhere so we need to find a way to get to the forth floor... say what does this read?

"3 little kiddies playing in the park. Said the first kiddie let's go home before it gets dark. The first two went on their merry way home. The third stayed playing all alone. Come here child, come to me! The bushes whispered softly. They say curiosity killed the cat..."

First door you can open on the right. Left room contains a save so use it. Right room is empty. Living room is...

What is tha



I gotta say, this game is very pretty consitering it's running on a 15 year old game engine.

The top floor contains a syringe so pick it up.

Go back down and enter the 2nd floor. The elevator seems to be on the 1st floor.

Dark Hallways: The Game


Hah! You're not scary.

Last door on the right from that hallway.

Warning: Some seriously messed up shit incoming.

"Those little kiddies are so cute. They look so lovely! I just want to touch them... But then those parents come... That's why I have to kill them!"

I'm sure PewDiePie fans can relate to this guy.

The door on the left has a key and a syringe... and a lot of messed up pictures...

As soon as you pick up the key the window breaks and the door locks.

Oh what fresh hell is this?

Shoot it and shoot it quickly, if the Baby gets near you a giant metal spike is thrust out of its head doing quite a bit of damge to you.

So we use the key on the door opposite the room we were just in.

There's a Child on the right in the bathroom.

Hey what's blocking me...

He slid out from under the bed. wat

"Flying hiiigh nooow, flying looow noow." What? I can't be the only one singing it...

After picking up the syringe the wall in the last room explodes. Really?

I spy with my little eye...

How'd the dead body get up there in the first place?

"You Jill! The master of unlocking, better take it with you!"

A key also drops; just next to his foot there.

Oh hell yeah! The Glock 19 is the weapon we will be carrying through almost this entire game. There is almost a constant stream of ammo and can fire VERY fast. There's some ammo sitting in the back there so grab it.

We can now access the stairwell to get to the forth floor.

Although of course...

Upstairs... a note and...

Someone REALLY didn't want anyone to get through here.

Here we go again.... "Now... as I need to kill some kiddies, I stuck the elevator in the hall. So only the personel can acces [sic] it by a secret code. I guess no kiddie will find that out, so they will just have to take the stairs."

On the 4th floor (hallway door is baracaded by the way) the elevator needs the access code, but we don't have one... yet.

On the ground floor now.

Head into the second door on the right.

Ah ha! I caught you off guard!

There are some goodies so make sure to grab them.

At the end of the hall is the elevator, if you check in the basement on the right there however you can find a tape recorder and a locked door, remember it.

4th floor now, lets help that guy.

Oh great. Last one I promise.

"This one was a GOOD one. Very nice to kill. Easy to cut with my knife, like cutting food."

Oh you've got to be kidding, the one texting us is the pedo isn't it?

There's no one around...


"OH YEAH!!!" -- Kool-Aid Man

How would he have sprayed his blood all over that bathtub Simon?

I like how that's the one detail you notice.



So we can't get back out to the elevator.

Good idea Simon. How are you going to get down?


AH! What is it!?!?


The Faster will take you out bro. Protip: In order to kill the monsters, shoot them lots of times.

Well I guess we've solved our climbing problems.

I see you standing there!




Wait... how do?

Ehhh... something is really not right here...

Back in the apartment on the 3rd floor.



*BLAM!* This gun is so much fun.



Ehhh... I don't believe these were in the middle of the hall either...

This is the apartment were we found the gun.

We are looking at a vertical wall here.... let that sink in.

Let get out of he...


Don't scare me like that :c

Right, back in the stairwell. The key we got earlier was for the basement door, so we need to get there first.

Oh jeeze what even is this?

Is... is it flooding?

Isn't that window like, 10 feet off the ground?

Oh yeah, ground floor is 10 times creeper now.

Certainly nothing bad could happen down here!



Ehhh... "they" have blocked it?

Well there's the basement door...

Some pretty dark hallways I'll say.

Oh! Light!

Why hello there! The Drowned has 2 forms of attack: Force Simon to kill himself with his own gun and a baby that bursts from the "BELLY!!!" err sorry. Mike Myers flashbacks. The baby carries 2 knifes and attacks VERY fast making melee difficult.

If the Drowned starts to influence Simon to shoot himself you need to click MB1 very fast... then keep hitting it till she's dead.

*CLICK* Moving on...

There are 2 Drowned in this hall, though we are swimming in ammunition we should probably conserve.

Lure the one on the right toward you.

Once it is away, run past it into the door back there.

This apartment has a MASSIVE basement. What do they use it for?


There is a bloody videotape sitting on the counter, take it.

Something really went down here. I remember seeing a tape player! You remember? The one on the second floor.

Well here it is...

Right just use the tape on the player and

GAH! Stop sneeking up on me like that Faster!

Right... like I was saying...


Isn't that the guy we saw upstairs? It looks like he is torturing a dude...

What is he...?

oh no



Why the hell am I watching a snuff film exactly?

Oh of course! Because the code to the elevator is written in blood on the guy! How couldn't I have known!

*Ruffle ruffle*

*drag drag*

Yeah... I think something is wrong with the developer...

Someone is pounding on the door, begging to be let out... I am getting far away from here.




Bloody: The Game

There are mounds of ammo lying around this place, reload.


A tape in a very dark hallway? Yes please.


HELLO HEllo hello hello

Oh, nothing can go wrong here.


I hate you game. I hate you.

"Sup bro?"


There is a trick to beating Sawer: You shoot him till he kneels down...

...then you stab his eye many times. Rinse and repeat.

So once you kill him...


I told you this game had strong themes!

Dizzy Simon?

Sleepy time.


Justine Beb... wait

The first person I've seen all night; point a gun at them!

The Thing

Your doctor Simon.

Best conversation in the whole game right here.

The awful dialoge, the werid voice acting, it's perfect.

"There are terrible demons... ouch!"

So now you finally notice Simon?

I don't know man, you're the one that has been standing in that corner for 20 minutes.

Well I guess that's logical.

This is unbelievably funny if you know how the game ends.


And so ends the long Chapter 1.