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Cry of Fear Walkthrough Chapter 6 - It's Not Over Yet

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Remember when I said this was the endgame? I LIED!

The train is barely stuck on the side of the cliff that came out of nowhere. To get out we need to do some very quick jumping puzzles.

This isn't too difficult, but you want to hurry, the train WILL fall.



There is some morphine on the ground... really Simon, you need to get that wrist checked out.

There's no way back through the tunnel, we need to get through the forest.

A branch and a lantern. Welcome your two best friends for this next part of the game.

This is simple, follow the lanterns.

You will eventually hit these rocks.

Jump up on them, and cross over the fallen tree.

This forrest is higher than some of those skyscrapers...

There is a tape recorder sitting in the middle of nowhere... BAD BAD BAD.


I'm not going to lie; what follows is one of the hardest parts of the game post 1.6 patch.

In 1.6, the standalone version of the game, the enemy A.I. got a LOT smarter, to the point of downright cheating. The monsters will follow you absolutly relentlessly. What you need to do is, head in the direction of that arrow...

Go into your inventory, use the doorknob on the door, and enter. All while outrunning the Sawrunner, who kills you instantly, and makes absolutely terrifying noises. Remember, don't let Simon's stamina drain all the way, or you will move slower than if you have less than 10% health.

After getting through that painful exercise of reflexes, we get inside an abandoned house...

Another stupid thing about A.I. since 1.6... the monsters can walk through walls... yeah.

The Crazyrunners are fast and attack fast, but they don't do very much damage. Two hits with the stick will take them down.

We need to get both pieces of some scissors... yeah, BOTH. Apparently Simon doesn't know how to cut things with only one half of a scissor.

One piece (the grand line!) is sitting in the upstairs behind the table in the house to the left of the T.V.

The other piece is just behind the T.V. in that house.

You can now cut the rope.

*SMASH* By the way, there is no physics in the GoldSource engine.

Well certainly this means nothing!

Looks like a light back there....

AHHH!! The Hanger does quite an amount of damage, so you do want to watch out for the trees!

Welp, we're out of here.


Why is this here?

You know, I don't like the looks of this.

The door opens by itself...

Somehow I don't think this is how this works.

Right, we need to avoid falling into these doors... Take your time, don't rush it.

When you get to this part, again DO NOT RUSH IT. Try to walk a little slower, while still avoiding getting hit by the doors.

When they are open, press yourself against them.

Once you finally get to the final door... slams open revealing the loudest mother.... This guy is called the Upper. He is the same as a Slower.

Hey, it's the Doctor!

Where is he going? Well I guess that has been the question since this game began...

Oh goodie.


Of course it just happens to be raining! We need to open the shutter to access the upstairs. This requires restarting the generator.

The backdoor is the only way out of this place.

We need a key though...

The generator is way down in the basement.

Ohoho yissss. The flashlight will permanatly replace this stupid lamp.

Welcome the easiest puzzle in the entire game. A lot of people seem to have serious problems with this and I don't know why... When you press a button it moves the one to the right of it. All of the... whatever those things are need to be in the "down" position. The order is always: BC, CD, DE, AB.

The generator restarts.

Looks like some of the lights are on... the shutters are also open.

I don't even have a gun!

"Bowling Alley" maybe?

"Baseketball Court"

AHH! Oh hey, a gun!

There are a couple of Suiciders in the court area, remember to make them come to you.

There is a shotgun in here, but I'll save it for later.

Some ammo and a note in the bowling alley.

"There's something strange about DOCTOR PURNELL." Simon: Doctor Purnell... could it be...

A stranger and a Glock clip.

The Ruger P345. If you have an extra syringe or the shotgun, drop it and pick this up.

There isn't any ammo for it right now, but you need it.

Back on the 2nd Floor and to the right...


Heheh... yeah, sure Simon.

Simon: You got a gun! The guy you shot in the subway, remember?

"There is a new gun in the bowling alley, get it for me."

Doctor Purnell: Good, give it to me right now, it's mine! Then I'll give you the key.


"Now give me the key."

"Now it return, here!" *tosses keys*


Even if we didn't give him the gun this would have happened.

That looks like it hurts a lot :C

The doctor has locked the door he ran into...

The Staff Key stits next to the phone he need to find a number for.

There is some various ammo sitting about this floor, but be careful...

We meet our next new enemies: the Psycho. They move fast and hit fast, make sure you've got some ammo.

The Staff Quarters is just across the hospital on the 2nd Floor.

Not much here... there is a chair set up with a lamp pointed at it though...

This syringe may come in handy though... *SLAM*


The door eventually opens...

Looks like part of a tablet... it's missing the other half.

I wonder where...


This game is relentless with enemy placement.

We can jump out the window on the right.

The next part of the tablet is directly underneath where we jumped out.

But first, sneaky sneaky Psycho.

Combining the 2 pieces and headed back to the phone, we get the number: 51177816



It's ringing from across the hospital...

"The call is coming from the house!" Anybody else see that movie?

Sombody sitting in a wheelchair... seems... kinda familiar somehow...

We head back up to the upmost floor and enter the code.

Shit's about to down. "You're dead!"

While the voice acting throughout the game has been mixed, Stig's voice acting starts to get really good about here. Simon sounds REALLY pissed off.

And so begins the longest fight in the game. We have to whittle down Purnell's health a little at a time with every bullet weapon we have (2).

He finally goes down.

Simon, still completely enraged, curbstomps the doctor's head.

That look on his face.