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Cry of Fear Walkthrough Chapter 2 - Who is that Doctor?

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Ah, the Croucher. A formidable foe... NOT.

Battle strategy: Jump on top of.

Melee to death.

The room on the right has a Croucher and a syringe. The room on the left has a Glock clip.

By far the best melee weapon in the game, the Nightstick is slightly slow, but is fairly powerful.

A bunch of Croucher decide to ambush you, they are not very powerful.

Unless of course they look like a bunch of spiders, then eugh.

Right on through to the other si

I don't know the code :c

Maybe this paper has something useful?

Lets call that phone number.

Wait... why are we calling a suicide hotline?

Isn't the town deserted? Who could have picked up O.o



I think there is some The Darkness in my Cry of Fear.


Simon you are the one who decided to call a suicide hotline to get a code for a door.

So there is our number.

Protip: It unlocks the door.

Kind of a strange place...

There is an ecco in here.


Hello that door was open.

*Chainsaw revs*

Right no time for that.

Get ready for the next enemy WOOOO

There's like 4 of these guys here but I skip them all, well, except this last one.

He just walked through a wall man!

They attack by whipping you about the face with their tongue.

Sewmos are seriously a pain.

Door looks fine to me Simon...

This is never answered :c

Keep taking the right path through those tunnels till you reach dry ground, turn left to the door.




A small constuction yard.

Behind the barrel is a ladder.

Uhhh Simon don't!

*SMACK* Nice one, you broke your damn shins.

A Glock magazine and a tape recorder, nice!

Eh not nice NOT NICE

Dats wun purrdy mouf u go deer.

Why do people always lock everything with an electric keypad around Sweeden?

The room on the left sometimes has a Glock magazine. The first door on the right is locked, the second door is open.

This guy almost always catches me off guard.

That door is locked with a rope (somehow...), the rope is apparently soaked in gassoline, so we need to find a way to light it.

"Jeff, welcome to the team! I'm sure your superperior has already gone over the basics, but here's a few things you'll want to know!... 4) ...the combination to the keypad is 279--- 'It's unreadable'"

What we need to do here is enter the 3 numbers we got, then guess the last one.

Small dark places... fun.

The Crawler. They are fast but take forever to attack. If you get hit by one... boy you're slow.

Somehow I don't think the shell would fly out to the right like that... There is a box of shotgun shells on the left, grab 'em.

There is a trick I like to do here...

Peak out from the hole.

Now move back and watch the Slower come to you.

Although of course there is usually the one hiding behind the... what are those? Dumpsters?

Well this is a nasty sight! Uh Simon... don't tell me you're going to...

Yeah of course. That lighter on the left could easily "burn the rope! And beat the whole damn gaaaame!"

There is an easter egg here...

Really Simon?

Don't smoke kids. Just look at Simon here!

"Hah! Dead bodies."

Oh Jeebus. Quick note: Get out the shotgun, it makes things a whole lot easier.

Then you light fire to the gas and, "BURN IT ALL DOWN!"

*BAM* The shotgun is the only weapon that doesn't get rid of the rest of your ammo when you reload, so reload as often as possible with this gun!

We can finally enter the room on the right. There is a key inside.

It is then used back on the door on the right.

The next place we have to go but of course it's locked, why wouldn't it be?

What's with all this water?



Said everyone to EA.

You're the one that bothered Simon in the first place GAH.

"GET ON THE GROUND!" Wait.. wrong game again...

"Sir, you're standing in my spot."

"What is this? 3rd grade? I'M NOT IN YOUR F-CKING SPOT!"

Wha.. Simon how would

*SQUICKSQUICK* There are valves around the room. Turning one of them enough generates a large amount of eletricity (somehow) killing Mace.

"Probably shouldn't have eaten that..."



The saw is in the room across from Mace.

Although a couple of Fasters spawn in once you start heading back.

"Cutting open giant monsters? FUN!"

Hmm... strange....

*BRZZ* Did... did you see something?

I guess it was my imagination.

So the game continues one like normal.

Haha, what an interesting story Mark!

Oh hi Denny!

Oh hi Lisa!

Oh hi Mike!

Oh hi Peter!

Oh hi Steven!

Oh hieh... ugh where am I?

Why's that Mr. Signman?

Kids, don't do drugs. BUT NOW'S A GOOD TIME FOR THEM WOOOO

You need to make a mad dash for the front door and drugs replenish most of your health and stamina.

Maybe it was the drugs...

This line is just as funny as it sounds.

But you will call the police right?

Spoiler Alert: He did.

Somehow I don't think that's it.