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Warning: Cry of Fear contains lots of violence, language, and covers very strong themes such as sucide and death. Viewer discretion is advised!

A black cat walks down a deserted street. Andreas "ruMpel" Rönnberg: Lead Developer

A subway trains passes by. James "Minuit" Marchant: Lead Developer

Two cars pass by. Jordy "Sporkeh" Boerema: Modeler/ Animator

The railway. Stig "DragonNOR" Sydtangen: Voice Actor: Simon

The train Simon is riding continues along to it's set destination. Lasse "BerZerk" Holmen: Voice Actor: Dr. Purell

Aina Hatlevik: Voice Actor: Sofie

A flash of lighting in the distance.


Simon sits all by his lonesome on the train.

He has been depressed for the longest time.

Simon returns home from a long day of who knows what?

On the streets of Sweden...

Who is this and why is he crawling around the corner?

My reaction to the announcement of the Rise of the Triad remake.

Heart-attack maybe? I really love the cinematic angles in this game.

Until it zooms in on a car...

Uh oh...

Yeah this isn't good.

The car floors it torwards Simon.

Simon blacks out.

His mind tells him to wake up...

...from the inside of a padded room...

Simon wakes in his room, but something is wrong.

There's an X floating in mid-air...




There's an X in the far off distance...

Almost there...


It was all a nightmare...

And now the game begins.

Lost in a city WOOOO

Simon: Can't be bothered to get an unlimited plan.