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Cry of Fear Walkthrough Chapter 7 - Only Safe at Home

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The key goes to the back door. Remember that?

Simon still needs to get home though... I think I see a house at the other end of this lake...

This is by far the coolest scene of the game, the music, the atmosphere, it's all perfect.

Very ominous...

Prepare yourself, there is some ammo and health here.

There are probably some monsters down that staircase.

*SMASH* Told you!

After battling some Sewmos, begins the swimming section of the game.

Once you reach this part, go down the right path.

You want to drop one of your guns here next to the door.

A key and an unopenable door... hmmm....


After unlocking the door with the key you can pick your gun back up.

Is that...?

Oh yes, fresh air!

Kirkvile is pretty simple, shoot everything that moves. You can stop caring about being conservative with ammo; expend it all :D

Oh yeah, you can duel wield pistols by the way... I never did it because it was never really useful.

HAHA! It's the endgame for realz.

Oh right... mom, I forgot about her...


Simon's mother doesn't seem to be home...

He heads up to his room. (Does this place look familiar?)


Figured out the plot yet?

The entire game was the plot to a book Simon started writing after he became paralyzed for life in a car accident. Already an emotional mess, he contemplated suicide for a very long time. He picks up the gun to blow off his own head...

When the character we have been playing the entire game bursts into the room.

Simon heads off to face his own inner demons.

Simon's mind is very twisted.

We fight Book Simon in 4 different forms. This time he has a pistol. Whenever Book Simon shows up, load him full of lead; when he dissapears again, reload. Don't worry, you will have enough ammo.

When he shows up a second time, he has a shotgun.

On the 3rd time, he has the donator only weapon: the MP9. It's fully automatic :c

"This is the final battle!"

Books Simon comes at you with the Sledgehammer, he'll kill you in a couple of hits, so make those bullets count!

Thanks for reading everybody, it was a lot of fun and frustration!

If anybody is wondering, here are my statistics for this walkthrough... not the greatest.

Alternate Ending! If you didn't fight Carcass and/or didn't give Purnell the gun ending 1, 2, or 3 triggers. This time Simon puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.