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Cry of Fear Walkthrough Easter Egg - Heaven

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Back at that first hallway from the beginning of the game, there was a door on the left we couldn't open. It's now unlocked.

If you have unlocked anything here, they will show up on the tables.

There's also a little closet for the different costumes you've probably unlocked.

What's up with that painting anyway?

"What the... it's addressed to me... Hmmm... should I take it?"

We now have the Weird Package, continue the game as normal.

Back just before the school we can drop off the package.

There is a very curious mailbox to the left next to the bus stop.

*clink!* Continue the game as normal.

The next event occurs at the house.

There's that package...

"What's in the box!?!? WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?!??!"

Oh... no Simon don't...

Oh great, we are in the nightmare sequences from Afraid of Monsters :C

There was SO MUCH JUMPING in Afraid of Monsters. It doesn't help that jumping in this game wears down your stamina.

After getting past that madness... "Follow the RED."

We need to follow that exactly. If you don't, you die. Also be careful...

If you go too fast that happens. Fall down there, you die. Afraid of Monsters was a lot less forgiving than Cry of Fear.

AHH! The Twitchers are the first enemies you met in AoM.

After getting past the ladder, there is a path on the right where you can get David's Axe. Unfortunately I believe you have to get all 4 endings to get it first.

If you have done that... the code is: 26, 16, 4, 17, 49, 2, 32, 45, 12, 23. I haven't :c

After a screamer...

The game throws a battalion Twitchers at us.

GRAGHH. More jumping puzzles D:

Just like in AoM, the pills will heal you.

The button opens up the cage in that room before.

There are cages all around, just jump to the nearest cage to you.

Believe me, AoM was just as messed up as CoF.

Again, in 1.6 the enemies can run through walls.

They can sneak up on you like this >:|

After saving and climbing a ladder, "Follow the RED."

You end up near some sort of... Silent Hill inspired area...?

This was already one of the hardest parts of AoM. Hope you brought lots of guns and ammo :p

The game throws many MANY Twitchers at you, in waves. If there is only one monster and you need to reload, do so first.

We get some pills and LOTS of these guys.

Like I said, CoF is forgiving...

I am absolutely surrounded >:[

"What's wrong with youuur faaace?"

After that's all done, FOLLOW THE RED or something

A light at the end of the tunnel...

What is that?

It's fading...

Wait a second...

what the shit


My exact reaction to this... hey! We've come full circle!

You always were man.

And so ends Cry of Fear for realsies, I like to think this is cannon. See you next time.

Again for any one wondering, here are my statistics. Little better this time, not an S rank.

I unlocked the Camera of Death for beating the game under 2 hours 30 minutes. It instantly freezes monsters in their place. "Can you find the rest?"