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Cry of Fear Walkthrough Chapter 8 - My Life Ends Here

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While mostly straightforward, Chapter 8 is pretty messed up.

When you get to this part, take the left.

Now at the point where the path bends down, jump straight ahead.

When the path bends down again, turn right to find another path.

If this isn't metaphorical for anything, I don't know what is.

It's a jumping puzzle made out of books where Simon has scribbled: SUICDE over and over.

It's time for Simon to really die.

Sick Simon sits protected behind a cage, his last defence to keep himself from commiting suicide.

You need to dodge the various boxes and wood planks that Sick Simon throws at you, or Book Simon takes damage.

When you dodge enough times, the sides of the walls come down, revealing a bunch of Faceless.

One of them has a valve for a head.

When the Faceless are all dead, take the valve and stick it into one of the slots in the corner of the room. Rinse and Repeat.

When this has been done 4 times, the gate raises up, leaving Sick Simon open. What happens next is pretty messed up so I'm not even going to show it. Let's put it this way, Book Simon beats the ever living shit out of Sick Simon before choking him, ending the game.