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Cry of Fear Walkthrough Chapter 4 - Drowned in Sorrow

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Then we finally find the TL Trading building and enter.

On the right is the exit, on the left is some ammo.


That guy is seriously one of the scariest enemies in the game and he only appears once in the entire game.

Also these are the only steps in the game that won't make Simon trip if he runs on them.

We meet our next new enemy around the corner...

The Suicider. They are the only monsters with guns in the game; they carry Glock 19s.

When they get close enough to you they do as their name implies and give you their gun. Their heads are also massive so it is easy to get headshots.

A common tactic I use is to hide and wait for them to come to me so I never have to expend ammo.

For some reason we need to find a fuse to operate this door.

There is an alley just behind the subway with another Suicider and Slower.

*Chainsaw revs* RAHGHGHH

You better run as fast as you can, the Sawrunner is after you again.

Once you hit the alley flip the switch to close the gate.

Just smack these boards right off the door.

Another one of the prettier scenes in the game, cool down if you need to from the Sawrunner.

There is a jumping section right here, but first...

If you go down the tunnel on the right you can find a VP70. It is a burst-fire pistol and fairly powerful, but I consiter it the most worthless weapon in the game next to the switch-blade.

A Slower crawls around the corner but the VP70 makes short work of him. There are also some babies so watch out for them.

Right, the jumping section. This is fairly straightforward but can be slightly confusing.

On the first platform, turn around and jump up here.

Now right on into the window.

Jump across first, then to the right.

Now up here.

Then finally take the leap to the walk just across from the window.

There is a Suicider in there by the way.

Now finally out the other window.

We are near the college, they probably have a fuse we can borrow.

There is a save over near this bus station.

The front entrence to the college... if we take the fuse these doors won't open will they :(

The side entrence looks like it may open though...

First off we need to take the panel off the fuse box, come to the first room where the classrooms are.

There is a screwdriver where (I'm assuming) the teacher's desk is.

The fuse box is back near the cafe in the wooden door.

Once you use the screwdriver pick you VP70 back up plox.

Because when you go to pick up the fuse....

All hell breaks loose. The Faceless are among the fastest enemies in the game.

Go through the college killing the rest of the Faceless with the VP70. Once that is done go back to the entrence to find the Classroom Key.

The classroom in particular is this one just behind the doorway.

At the back of the classroom is an emergency key for the fire escape.

Head all the way back to the side door to the college, that's the door for the emergency key.

Don't forget to go back and pick up the fuse.

Then from there, we simply backtrack to the subway.

Once you're in the hallway where the Sawrunner was, turn left down the corridor.

You'll run into this guy, take him out, then break the boards on the door.

Place the fuse and you can now go through the door.

So we are finally in the subway ready to get home. Unfortunatly it doesn't seem there are any automated trains around heading for Kirkvile.

It's that thing we saw earlier, stay away!

Hey! I like Spike and Barley... MISTAH MAN!

The Mod Team "Are deadlines wearing you down? Can't find the drive to get the job down?" Symbolism for the people who worked on this game for nearly 5 years.

Cry of Fear is a spiritual successor to a game called Afraid of Monsters. Now look at this poster: Intimidated by Abnormatlities. Brilliant.

You need to cross the station then go through the door back here.

The rooms have some Drowned but they are easy to take care of.

A Drowned may spawn right here so watch out. These two levers activate the eletrically controlled doors. The switch for the door on the other side of the station is only active for a short time, so book it over there when you hit it.

Don't let the stamina meter run out...

So we get inside but... what is that in the corner?

Yeah I guess it wasn't a good idea to keep it on for 4 hours...

A couple of Fasters may attack you in this hall.

I have a feeling I know what this switch does. Acually... of course I know what it does!

Oh yes.


Yous gonna die!

"Well today is not a good day."


Well that's a problem. No more light, and up next is the absolute darkest part of the game.

After clearing out the couple of Flygares that spawned into the map we can go through that door past the Human Flower... and yes, that is what that thing is called.


Are these...?

Oh boy. Ever play Alan Wake? You have just about as much visabillity.

When I said this is the darkest part of the game I wasn't kidding.


You can't hold a flare going up ladders so you have to drop them first.

There is ammo out there... but in the words of Admiral Ackbar, "IT'S A TRAP!"

You will eventually end up at these fans, this one moves slow enough for you to crawl through.

Another enemy is introduced, but they are only in this part of the game. The Citalopram are fast and attack fast; you better shoot fast.


This gate needs to open.

*HOOOONK* What was?

Yeah of course.


What are these trains self aware or something?

We are almost out of the tunnels.

Oh yeah, and scary stuffel wuffles.

When you get out of the tunnels take a left.


I'm pretty sure these trains ARE self aware.

At this point you can drop all your flares.


That crazy doctor!

I doubt that... but then again I know the ending to this game.

"He has a gun? Well now I really should follow him!"

I swear all this WILL be funny when you beat the game.

I think he went through that door.


Shits and giggles?

The battery is for the phone... what? Did the doctor know Simon was following him and purposely put it there?

Oh yes. We need to place 2 fuses here to open the door! Have you ever heard of something so stupid?

Replenish your ammo, save your game, then head across the station and out the automatic doors.

We have 2 options here: Go down Preston Road which will lead back to Ronald Street, or go back to Waspet Gardens. I choose the latter.

After getting 2 Sewmos to break out of a storage area we find out next new enemy....

The Tallers are massive and can absolutely TANK damage. M16 recomended.

After taking down the 3 Tallers and 6 Slowers we can finally move on and break the boards on the doors.

We find ourselves back near Sofie :c

There is a Faster around the corner by the way.

There are some Suiciders on the sidewalk. You should take them out from a distance with headshots.


We meet another new enemy in the Trading building... you can't see from this screenshot but he does exsist. The Stranger does damage the second he sees you so kill him a quickly as you can.

We get ambushed by a few Slowers but the shotgun makes short work of them.

Since I'm out of ammo for it, I drop the shotgun and take the fuse. From there, just backtrack back the exact way you came here and place the fuse.

Now once putting the fuse into the box, we head on down to Preston Road.

There are usually a couple of Suiciders in this tunnel before the bus, watch out!

You should be able to get up on that catwalk to the left of the Taller if your hurry.

"Not so tall now are you? HAHAH!"

In the apartment building head all the way down the stairwell for a surprise.

The Glock Tatical Light is the most powerful light source in the game.

The way you need to go is marked with the little green signs.

Eventually you reach this door; guess where it leads...

Yep, we are back on Ronald Street.

After taking care of 5 Slowers you notice these foot prints.

They lead to that door that was locked earlier.

This is where you use your key.

What proceeds is probably the worst part of the game. There are a MILLION Sewmos in this place, and hardly any ammo.

I end up using a clip and a half of M16 ammo on these guys.

Once you get to the section with the big open room, stick along the right wall and don't stray.

You will hit a ladder and fortunatly that's done for now.

We get back outside and... we're in front of the apartment from Chapter 1.

We need to get into the window that was open earlier.

The side alley on the right has a ladder, but a couple of Slowers burst through the storage area on the right of there.

The ladder is placed against the window.

This place is still flooding... really?

We need to get back down into the basement but it is completely flooded.

This time we can crawl over the trash in the middle of the hallway.

The ladder to get back out is sitting in the middle of the floor in the torture room.

You can now drop this ladder down in front of the window.

Head back up to Floor 2.

There are more bars in the hallway, so we need to take a right through the rooms to where we first got the Glock.

We then get up to the 3rd Floor where... it seems these bars have broken...

Uh oh.... there is only one place to go from here.

This is one bloody ass room.

The fuse should be right here...

Proceed the longest walking section in the game, let me skip that for you.

You eventually reach a door leading out.


The Faceless are pretty easy to take down, just do it fast.

It's the head we saw at the beginning of the game... well I guess they had to reuse it somewhere...

Right, after taking care of the Faceless pretending to play dead, head through the door.

And shit your pants.

Simon falls through the grating, keep moving towards the light.

Ah like I said, it was here after all!

Right then just backtrack back the way you came again. Remember, at the sewer part, stick along the left wall this time.

Once you have both fuses in place, you can finally get through the door.

We get to... what looks like some sort of unused station. There are a handful of Suiciders down here, but just try to get headshots and you'll be fine.

It looks like this wall can be broken, but I need something strong to do it.

"Please stand well clear of the platform and the gates, as the next train is not for public use." Uhhh... they are specifically holding the train on the left for Simon.... that is weird bro.

Oh you have got to be shitting me. We need to bring both fuses from earlier to open this gate. BRILLANT!

The back of the train has a... hammer?


The slegehammer should work on the wall.


Hammer time!

Something looks wrong about this wall...

I don't think they are supposed to curve up like this...

And I sure don't think this is how escalators work either.

What follows are mostly some jumping puzzles.

This part can be slightly confusing though... you need to jump down the middle walkway on the left.

After some more jumping puzzles you reach a door.

We are in a padded room with signs on 4 doors, and a note in the middle.

My Life. "That fateful night, the child lay upon the road, broken. 'Why did you have to walk that way so late, young man? Why did you have to be so foolish?' Dissillusioned and embittered by his parents' words, the child was broken physically, broken mentally. The men in white placed him in the rolling chairs, how he laughed! How he laughed! And so he lived what remained of his life. One day fate smiled upon the child, and so he came upon the implament of his destruction, decisions! Decisions! The outcome was not certain - Pro captu lectoris, habent sua fata libelli."

We need to go through the corresponding doors. "That night he lay upon the road, broken."

"The men in white placed him in the rolling chairs"

"He came upon his implement of destruction."

Have you figured out the plot yet?

Time for the bossfight.

Well okay, it's not really much of a boss fight, as you can't kill the "boss".

The Hangmen will kill you if you get close to them. This whole section is a maze, so the right wall trick should work.

It is easy enough, just don't run around corners and you'll get to the door.

Simon suddenly trips with a Hangman behind him.

You need to have some serious strength to lift yourself up open the door crawl through it then kick it close...

Well you saw it didn't you?


You don't think Simon?

Oh... much will happen before you get home, BUAHAHHAH!!!