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Cry of Fear Walkthrough Chapter 5 - Leaving This For Good

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We take care of some more Suiciders on the way to the fuse box door thingy.

The tape recorder has suddenly dissapeared.... take the fuses. You should have 2 open inventory slots availble, if you don't, drop every weapon execpt the Glock 19 and M16. You don't need the slegehammer.

Then we simply head back through the door where the nightmare sequence was.

Once you get back out the yellow doors, GO STRAIGHT!

When you place both fuses the gate opens.

Simon gets on the train, it is his ride home.

Simon then begins to question everything that has happened that night.


Still more game to go.

The tape recorder is still at the front of the train, including the briefcase that wants it's foot back.

You might as well use the rest of your M16 ammo for this train ride. The Spitters here take 3 M16 shots to take down, you should use the burst fire.

When you get to the back of the train you finally find... the foot...

You are crazy.

It's hard to see from this screenshot but this game is still very beautiful at times.

Simply give the foot back to it's... "owner".

Something's happening with the train...

The train comes sailing out of a tunnel.

And promply derails... this is bad.

Simon hits the deck.

88 miles per hour! Wait... wrong movie...

Where did this cliff come from?!?!

Yeah, I don't think Simon is going to survive this one.