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But before you get tired of Prophet's monologue, an Alien swoops in and away grabbing Prophet. Oh no! Not Prophet!

You are not completely left alone. Major Strickland radios in and gives you new objectives: First in line is to disable a radar jamming device. Move ahead through the path in front.

You'll reach a farmland. Don't expect any farmers here, only KPA. Get a patrol Jeep from the area to the west, marked by the arrow. Take out the few soldiers around there silently.

Drive towards the objective with the guidance of your radar. There is a concentration of KPA near the jamming device, but the machine gun on your Jeep makes things easy for you.

After clearing the area, locate the jamming device by its rotating antenna. It's close to a water tower and has a truck parked nearby.

Get to the control panel and disable the jamming device. This will complete the secondary objective and clear your radar.

Now Major Strickland will give you the location of the primary objective. You'll need a vehicle to travel that far.

Take a vehicle of your choice and move along the road marked by the sign.

You'll reach a diversion. Both routes takes you to the same place but the left is better as it bypasses an enemy checkpoint AND gives you a good look at the KPA base you are going to infiltrate.

The diversion takes you to another fork in the road. You have to take the road to the right to proceed, but the road to the left offers a good look at the KPA base. So park the vehicle here and walk up the left side path in 'cloak mode'.

As seen in the picture, the rope bridge is unusable. Use binocs to have a close look of the base. If they spot you an alarm will go off calling in another bunch of KPA in a helicopter.

Obviously the base is heavily fortified with sniper towers and a machine gun nest. Stay in 'cloak mode' while watching to avoid getting fired upon.

Get back in the vehicle and proceed down the path to the right as said earlier.

The path merges with the main road you had diverted from. Turn left.

Strickland just warned you about a vehicle with heavy guard coming your way. Let's see what it is. Stop the Jeep and walk around the corner in 'cloak mode'.

It's a large truck with a bunch of soldiers on it. Don't worry; this is what the missile launcher is for. Blow it up!

You'll reach a fork in the road. The arrow indicates a KPA camp. It you want to bypass it, slip by through the break in the railing and swim across the river. But you'll miss all the goodies in the camp so it's not recommended.

The camp will throw in some resistance but it's well worth the fight. Kill the gunner on the truck first. Once the coast is clear, enter the building to get your goodies.

Inside you'll find lots of weapons and ammo, including a "sniper scope" attached precision rifle. Note that the sniper scope offers a longer range than the assault scope we had previously obtained.

After packing up on weapons get in a vehicle (preferably the truck) and head across the bridge to the south.

The road from the bridge to the KPA base is in a funny zigzag shape. Go uphill towards the base, not necessarily along the road. Deal with any enemy forces coming at you.

The road will take you to the rear of the KPA base, which is swarming with enemies. The truck will offer you some protection but you'll have to take care of the Koreans swiftly.

Note that the snipers up the towers can shoot you directly through the truck, causing serious loss of health. So once you get within their line of sight, slip out of the truck in 'cloak mode'.

Make your way to the sniper towers using all the cover you can find.

From close range, take out the bad ass sniper and climb up the tower.

You are relatively protected inside the tower. Equip the sniper scope on your precision rifle.

Take out the other sniper and anybody else who annoys you.

Take out any other North Koreans and clear the base.

Check all trailers for goodies including the rifle grenade attachment. To try them out, equip this attachment using the weapon customization menu. Use the alt fire key (default X) to switch to grenades.

To accurately fire the rifle grenade, hold the LMB with cross hairs on the target and when a circle appears on the target, align the cross hair with another set of cross hairs that appear just above. Then release LMB to launch the grenade.

To complete the objective, enter the trailer with the computer terminal and access the enemy tactical network.

The data you just downloaded reveals the location of an excavation site. That's your next objective. Get out of the base by the same way you entered. Move towards the paddy fields to the east of the base.

You'll find several KPA guys sneaking across the fields looking for you. Use your sniper to take them out.

Across the fields, there is a KPA checkpoint with machine gun nests. Better take them out as well before driving a vehicle up there.

After clearing the checkpoint, loot this building for weapons and ammo. Then turn around and go back to the fields to get a vehicle.

Drive past the checkpoint to the excavation site.

Soon you'll reach this crossing with a patrol boat and some scattered enemies on the other side. You can cross on the vehicle or on foot and proceed, but a cleverer and more fun alternative is described below.

Get out of the vehicle, swim up to the boat and enter it. Ignore the KPA guys for now.

The patrol boat is a cool transport -- it's fast and has a mount up front. In normal difficulty, the game allows you to fire it from the driver's seat. Drive on and then turn right.

After the turn you'll find another camp. Move up here and engage any enemy seen. Shortly a KPA helicopter will arrive from the direction of the yellow arrow and land on the plateau marked 1.

Before the Chopper sees you, slip out of the boat in 'cloak mode' and get to the land. If you don't have a missile launcher, get one from the top of the crates here.

Prime the missile launcher and get ready to take out the chopper. In case you want to see what the chopper is doing here, go up the slope as indicated by the arrow.

If you wait here idly the chopper will drop off a bunch of elite KPA soldiers. Oops!

If you don't want to fight the guys in the chopper, send your warm regards in the form of a couple of missiles. Kaboom!

Beautiful isn't it. One of the many sceneries presented by Cry engine 2. To proceed to our objective, the excavation site, turn either right or left and follow the path. Left takes you to the more fortified front entrance so we are going to take the right.

Follow the path until you find the perimeter of the excavation site.

The perimeter is lined with machine gun nests and sniper towers. Snipe them before they snipe you. When they spot you an alarm will go off, but that does not concern you.

There are two guys walking around this area. If they attack you kill them and get a 'laser pointer attachment' from their rifles.

Once you breach the perimeter Major Strickland will tell you to infiltrate the big dome shaped structure north of the site.

Inside the excavation site is the hornet's nest. There are tons of KPA here and you WILL get shot by the snipers in the 3 other sniper towers as well as MG nests. So take care and take cover.

The trailers are excellent safe houses -- you can just sit inside and kill any enemy walking in the door. Sneak into the last one to the east because it is packed with weapons and ammo.

Like said above, wait at the door and take out the prey that walk in.

SMGs can be found inside this trailer. If you have not got one, get them here.

The SMG is an excellent short-to-medium-range weapon with a high rate of fire. Clear the base of any remaining KPA.

Now approach the dome in stealth.

There are a couple of machine gun nests guarding the entrance to the dome. Also several guys will come out of the door marked by the arrow. Why not use our rifle grenades? Give them hell. Then get in through the indicated door.

You'll find yourself in this creepy corridor. Why did this place remind me of the classic Wolfenstein 3D! Take the door to the right.

Open these doors by pressing the 'use' key on the electronic panel (circled). A cutscene follows.

In the cutscene, you sneak up on the daddy archeologist Dr. Rosenthal in a video conference with General Kyong. In case you have forgotten Kyong, He is the head of operations of KPA here.

Rosenthal had dug up an alien fossil and Kyong wants to use the alien technology despite Rosenthal's warning.

This is Rosenthal's daughter Helena. She is up in a mountain with Kyong. We'll meet them later in the game. Why does the video in the big monitor look like a Disney movie?

You move in to evacuate Rosenthal but suddenly the 'fossil' starts powering up and blinds you.

When you regain your sight, the whole place is frozen up. Oh no! The Aliens did it again. Your suit kept you unharmed, but Rosenthal is frozen solid. Well, at least you don't have to escort him now.

Major Strickland radios in and instructs you to get out and move to a safe landing zone. Exit the place through the same door you used to come in.

Get out of the research dome using night vision if needed. You'll see Koreans fleeing the area.

They will gather around at the exit of the excavation site. Take out all of them and get yourself a patrol Jeep.

More KPA guys will be found along the road. Clear them out with your mounted MG.

You'll reach the riverside camps we had seen on our way here. The LZ is way down the river so look for a boat. They can be found here or at the other camp to the right.

Take out any KPA soldiers in the camps. Get your boat and go down river.

Speed downriver keeping your eyes peeled. There are small groups of KPA on the sides, but you can bypass them.

When you reach the falls just drop down with your boat. You'll safely land in the water below. I guess the boat has seat belts!

Soon you'll be spotted by this nasty helicopter which will try to blow up your boat with rockets and gun fire. You can't have it firing missiles at you all the way ahead, so let's bring it down.

Exit the boat in 'cloak mode' and prep your missile launcher. Note that the laser pointer guides the missile so keep it pointed on the target after you have fired the missile.

You can use the laser guide to fly the missile around like an RC plane. One hit from the top will turn the chopper into a blazing ball of fire.

If the chopper did too much damage to your boat, continue on foot keeping an eye out for stranded KPA troops.

You'll find another boat near this bridge. Take it and speed on to the LZ. Ignore any KPA on the riversides.

Near the end of your boat ride you'll see some friendly fighter jets buzzing ahead. Now that's a good sign. Or is it?

Soon you will be forced by a blockade of trees to abandon the boat. Continue on foot.

You'll catch up with a group of hurried KPA soldiers. But they seem to be headed to your LZ. It's dark so they'll hardly find you if you stay quiet.

You'll reach a place that looks like a graveyard. A load of KPA soldiers will be gathered around here. Your LZ is in the compound. It's better to clear out the area before you move in to the LZ.

Use grenades or whatever you have to get rid of all the Koreans. Then move to the centre of the yard.

Once you enter the inner perimeter of the compound, stay in 'cloak mode' and keep your eyes peeled for strange movements. Who are those guys?

What the! The North Koreans have NanoSuits now! Just like yours. Don't worry though. They are not as good as yours.

The key to killing these 'Suited up' Koreans is to fire at them in a long burst till they run out of suit armor and die. Use your SMG for best results.

About six of them will come one after the other. You'll have to take out all of them to clear the LZ.

Once all KPA are killed, a VTOL will land and open the rear door to pick you up. Just walk in.

Hey, look who is inside! Psycho will tell you that he misses Prophet.