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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 11 Signal Hunting

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"Oh look, It's a new friend, Man's best friend! These things are more doggy than the other doggies.

"These little buggers hide behind massive crates and charge you when you give them the chance. They always come in packs too.

"If they start to charge at you, stop it dead in its tracks, because they really hurt if they get you. Aim for the legs if possible, that really slows them down.

"Remember how I said they hide behind large boxes, and charge at you? Because you're now in a crate filled massive expanse. Perfect for these derpy dogs to get the upper hand on you, be careful. One powerful one to stop them is to kinesis a claw off a dead one and shoot it at one charging at you. It's powerful to kill it in one hit.

"Once all the dogs are in the ground, it's time to hack a door open again. I'd love to see someone hack this open before they kill the dogs, that'd be tough.

"You need to get three pieces (once again), but before you go down the ladder be sure to kinesis this cog.

"After you found all three pieces and made your way back, you get confronted with the crab again. I had completely forgot about him, hope you're ready to fight!

"This battle is literally the same as the first time you fought, just a bit more awkward with all the boxes. Just like last time it runs away before you can finish it off for good.

"Sweet, a bench, time to craft this probe gun and make your way back to your friends.