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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 14 Everything Has Its Place

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"After some stuff happens, you make your way into a building. You'll be spending a decent amount of time in here, and it's quite the maze, so get comfortable.

"Follow the blue line to Rosetta's lab. After some plot, pull the piece out of the wall and put it in the receiver on the other side of the room. Now you need to go and fetch the rest of the pieces.

"Just a warning, you can do these next 3 segments in a few different orders, so you might end up doing a different one first compared to me. If you can find what part you're at in this guide, just read a few screenshots ahead to see if you can find it.

"But first, a new enemy! Kinda... These little pod things on the ground will shoot an explosion missle like thing at you if you come to close. If you kill them by shooting them, they'll spit out an explosive that you can kinesis and shoot at something else.

"To continue into the labs you need to get to, you need to clean out the flesh covering everything. The control to do so gives you an error though, so let's go fix it.

"Clear out the dogs on the elevator ride down, and then plug yourself into the console for another puzzle! Once again you need to balance both in the green so you have the gas but also keep the elevator online.

"Here's the solution I came too if you can't crack it. Be prepared to be attacked as soon as you finish it though. Feel free to bolt for the lift before they can do anything.

"Now that the gas is back online, you can use it to nuke the necro flesh covering everything and make your way into the labs.

"I follow the blue line to the first lab, but once again, these can be done in any order.

"It's a walk in the part to get to the piece, but on the wall next to it is a Guardian. Make sure it's dead before going close to get the piece, as they insta-kill you. The harder part is getting out, the receiver is on the other side of the room, but you get attacked on your way out.

"I took the elevator up to the next lab.

"This bridge is a pain, good luck to anyone on a higher difficulty. Once you've nearly made it to the other side of the bridge, necromorphs will flood you from the roof above, this is not a battle to under estimate.

"Remove the panel next to the door to crank it open while Danik nags you about things.

"I hope you have some supplies after the bridge battle, because you're heading into another big one. This room is filled with more Enhanced Skeleton hell babies. There is a puzzle downstairs too, so even if you sneak past them, it's going to be hard to not alert them. But boy do they ever swarm you if you do, Good luck.

"Congrats on winning the fight upstairs, time to cool down with a frustrating puzzle! You need to spin the circles inside the tube so the holes all line up and you can feed the piece to the end. You can only spin the ones on the end, and the middle one spins with them. The problem is that they all spin a different rotation, so it's really hard to line them all up.

"I'm sure it's possible to plan out the solution, but I don't know, so If you're like me, just fiddle around with them until you're lucky enough to line them up. Sorry in advance for my bad advice, but I really don't know about this part.

"More flesh. Tear off the lid to a crank and turn it. Then quickly run into the safe room on the other side before the gas kills you too.

"The door behind the now-burnt flesh reveals... another fight with Enhanced Skeletons!

"Now that we have all the pieces from this part, our path back to the group has taken us outside. But beware, Danik's ships are about! Stay out the search light or be prepared to take the ship's machine canon to the face.

"On your way back, you get introduced to a new necro, the Phantom Dancer! These buggers glitch across the map towards you at high speeds, making them a bloody pain to hit. Unless you're a really good shot, you'll be fighting these guys at really close range, so be careful.

"Once you make your way back to Biology, you won't be staying long, as you're lead back out in the snow for more pieces. Can you guess what's hiding around these containers?

"You guessed it, it's some dogs! Take them out and make way to the elevator.

"After those dogs, there are more dogs! Be careful with these ones though, depending on where you hold, they have a nasty habit of getting behind you.

"In the Geology sector, you need to kinesis the big block to block the lasers to create a path through. Once you've made it to the other side and got the piece, throw it back across and make your way over to it by moving the block to block the lasers again.