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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 17 A Strange City

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"Catch your breath and make use of the safe area before powering up the generator and moving on, you're getting into the core of the game.

"When you try to activate the door to move on, you get some dialog so long it could be a cutscene...

"After all that, the thing next to the door lights up. You need to change the three alien symbols into the correct code to unlock the door. Interact with the thing by the projector and it'll tell you the correct code. Simply put that in and the door will work.

"Incase you weren't bothered to find the answer yourself.

"Out of a fake cutscene and into a real one. Some backstory for the Space Jockey and a nice view of the city. Prepare for the final chapters of the game.

"Make your way down into the City. Grab this Explosive from the canister, you need it in just a second.

"Bring it over and plug it in this thing to set off the explosives and clear you a path.

"Do the same thing again for the next blockade.

"Go back to grab another explosive from the same spawner and put it into the third blockade.

"You'll fall down (once again) into a pretty creepy alien area. Watch out, there are some of the Alien Necros down here too.

"You'll reach a closed alien door. Unlike the first translator you found, the code is written in plain sight and the correct call can be heard near it. If you have subtitles on, you can see the subtitle for the correct call, making it that much easier.

"Activate the generator to turn on ZERO GRAVITY.

"Fly your way "up" through the maze until you reach the next translator.

"Once again, the code is on the wall right next to the console and the password can be heard (and seen with subtitles).

"These blue floor disks are amazing. As Isaac will point out, they make your Kinesis and Stasis super strong. Unlike what Isaac points out, they don't actually hurt you (unless you're on a really high difficulty). You can pick up the massive bricks to move them out of the way, and do something even cooler revealed later.

"Power up the generator for the elevator to come down, but prepare for some combat. Use the bench first if unsure.

"Once ready, ride the elevator upwards. You'll reach a "puzzle" were you need to stand on the disk and move the tentacles into the figure shown on the left.

"Put the Codex into the console and the City will move allowing you to continue. Also Isaac spoils that the City IS the Machine, so there's that.

"Take the elevator down and make a dash for the stream of light. Some Necros spawn, but if you run quick enough you won't need to fire a single shot.

"After you stand on the launch disk for a few seconds, you get flung into a speed flying section. A very uneventful one, though, it's a straight flight.

"You'll land with a clear view of a door, the translator and of course, the code all in plain sight.

"Time to learn about SUPER STASIS! Stand on the disk and fire it at the Skeletors before they can do anything. Super Stasis makes them ever slower and keeps them that way for longer. Doesn't really help with these things though, just don't let them push you off the disk.

"That wasn't even the best part though, move onto the next plate to get informed that you can use Super Kinesis to RIP SHARP LIMBS OFF OF LIVING NECROS. This is EXTREMELY powerful and you should abuse this as much as you can! Rip off a Necro's own limb and fire it back at it, or tear them all off until it dies and use them on another Necro, it really is strong!

"After you DECIMATED those Enhanced Slashers, you'll come across another locked door. The code is half smudged off, what ever will we do? Listen to the audio of course, get what you can from the markings and fill the rest in from what you heard. Either that or turn subtitles on for the answer.