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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 12 Autopsy

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"Make your way up the elevator and then to each side. Activate the panel and then use the spear gun thing to open up Mama Necro.

"After that, go back to the middle and ride the cage into the beast with the help of the captain.

"Once inside, aim down the Probe gun and walk around until the beeping intensifies. Then shoot the closest nerve cluster.

"OH GOD IT'S SCARY RED EYED SKELETONS SCREAMING GET AWAY! Meet your first Enhanced enemy, the Black Skeleton Child! Enhanced enemies are stronger than their normal counterparts. Anyways, you're gonna get swarmed by these little buggers, if you're having trouble try holding out inside the cage.

"After that hellish fight, you find out you need a stronger signal. Off to shoot another Nerve then. Thankfully, you don't get attacked by the demon children when shooting this one.

"Just one more nerve cluster and you're getting out of here. Unfortunately this cluster DOES spawn a wave of the Black skeletons, so get ready.

"Again, if you're having trouble, try holding out in the Elevator. There's only one entrance so only one way to shoot, but if too many get inside, it's hard to get out.

"Make your way back to the cage and get lifted out by Norton, but he doesn't let you out, this is reverse mutiny! Once the cutscene if over, just use kinesis on the control to get out.

"After you get betrayed by Norton and Norton get betrayed by Danik, Mama necro awakes! BOSS FIGHT.

"Dodge it's claws for a few swipes, then it spits out orange flesh balls and then moves upwards to reveal its weak spot, the yellow area. If you dont shoot the orange pods, they hatch into Skeleton children in a sec.

"After dishing out damage to the weak spot, mama necro will sit down again and try to inhale you. This time shoot out the yellow bits in its mouth.

"Rinse and repeat until all the spots in its mouth are red. Then you get inhaled by a scrip event anyway!

"Isaac will snap back into it after being moved into the stomach of the beast. Shoot out all the yellow balls while dodging the flesh missiles they launch at you.

"You then get pooped out of the thing, and it dies. Then Norton goes insane and tries to kill you, but you're forced to kill him first. I bet Ellie's gonna be happy about this...