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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 8 Off the Grid

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"You've crashed landed on the Marker's home world and wrecked your cool EVA suit while you were at it. If you let your body temp drop too low, this planet will freeze you solid. Stand next to a fire to warm yourself back up while slowly making your way onwards.

"You soon find Ellie's part of the crashed ship, and she was kind enough to leave you a video message. She tells you that she has left you a trail of flares, be sure to follow them so you might find her again.

"Oh shit, a giant crab slam dunked you across the map! Although you take no damage, and you land back on the trail of flares. So all he really did was give you a shortcut, what a nice crab.

"There are no more fires to warm your body up, so instead of following the flares right now, you should head into this little hut. Spam Kinesis on the Generator to get the power back, loot the place, then continue on with the flares.

"Follow the flares around to a ladder and climb up to the platform above. Power up the room at the end, and push on out the other side.

"Make your way down this cool little tunnel, but then that nice crab helps you back down to the ground safely again.

"Once you're back on the ground, you'll get jumped by the worm-head Necros! These cheeky buggers hide in the snow, but aren't any different from your garden variety Slasher.

"Make your way to the next shed and heat yourself up.

"After getting through that annoying snow, you follow the flares into a small cabin in front of a gate. But inside an Automated door won't let you through into the snowstorm ahead with your broken suit, which sucks because that's where the flares go.

"So instead, head outside to this shelter nearby.

"When you enter, you'll find yourself chatting up the dying old man who's name I never bothered to learn (I told you that you wouldn't care about these characters, didn't I?).