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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 4 History's Ember

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"After exiting the elevator, you find the machine room- HOLY SHIT IT'S COVERED IN TENTICLE THINGS. Power up the machine again like you did last time, activating each pillar hurts the tentacle blocking your way. Then shoot the yellow ball on the tentacle that comes up and tries to kill you and power the next pillar until you can escape this Japanese torture room.

"Now we're back in the Air tube, but that machine powered up the massive fan blades. If you used any Stasis in the last room, use the Stasis recharge because you'll need it. Jump into the Zero grav, Stasis the fan and fly through it before it chops you in two.

"It's time for your first Co-op lock minigame! Thankfully they changed it for single players like me, but it's a tad harder when solo.

"You need to move each of the circles onto a blue node until the door unlocks. In Co-op you each control one, but in solo you control both (using the [WASD] for one and the arrow keys for the other). It should be noted that the circles can't pass through each other.

"So Isaac finds a wall and then goes insane, but gets snapped out of it by Lifts-a-lot. Isaac informs the crew that the walls says this is the marker home world! So now we gotta go stop the reapers!

"New enemy thing, the Snake! But seriously, I really don't know what this one is. It has two arms and a big tail that it'll try and stab you with. They are really fast and decently strong, so watch out.

"You make it back to the first work bench and the crew informs you of a way to travel between ships. So you go to check it out, but check out the Suit Kiosk on the way out. You can change and upgrade your cool suit.

"Fly your fancy ass over to the Skip and choose where to go. The main mission tells you to go to the CMS Terra Nova, but you'll get a side quest transmission from the Greely. I won't cover side quests in the guide, but they're pretty straight forward and have cool loot at the end, so feel free to try it out.