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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 3 The Roanoke

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"Make your way to this room and open the docking door for the crew, then go meet with them.

"You see this cool blue thing? That's a battery, and it powers numerous things. Pick it up and put it in the marked slot. This will allow you to progress, but will also turn on your first Work Bench!

"The Work Bench does all kinds of nifty shit you'll be needed a lot, so best to get used to them now. You can craft useful items, stores things cluttering your inventory, upgrade your weapons with chips, and even craft your very own weapon! All this is too in-depth for this guide though, but be sure to try it all out, it's VERY useful.

"It's a new friend, the wall hugger! Disturb it though, and it might get a bit angry at you. They're a very boring Necro Slasher when they fight you, but at least they're optional.

"Make your way around the display room while watching out for your Wall hugging friends. Just so you know, I won't be telling you where to go and what will fight you constantly. You have a Locator for a reason, and just keep your weapons primed for combat.

"Launch yourself up into Zero grav, which controls the same as out in space.

"New enemy, the Necro's best friend! It's a dog... I think. It has three retractable limbs that come out of its back. It can also shoot things out of them, so be sure to cut them off asap.

"You make it to some big generator I forgot the purpose of. Use Kinesis to slam the big rings down the pillars.

"Then, hold Kinesis on the newly revealed blue thing to power that part of the engine. Do this for all three pillars, but watch out, a wave will attack you after each pillar!

"After everything is powered up, go to the main console and activate whatever this machine is! Take the newly opened elevator out of this room after.

"Big meet up with the EX and some unimportant characters you'll never care about! Be sure to loot the crap outta this room and use the bench if you need to.