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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Prologue - Beginnings

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"Welcome to Dead Space 3! Not that you can really see anything through all the snow... WASD to move, advance through the snow. If you get lost, hold [B] to use your locator.

"Now that the snow has cleared, you can see things! Including that burning thing just ahead. Hold [SHIFT] to move faster.

"It'sa burning ship thing, must be what you're looking for. Press [SPACE] to stomp the ground. If you stop the boxes, good things will drop, like Ammo and Health kits!

"To pick up the crap that broke out of the boxes, press [E]. Now that you have some ammo for that empty gun of yours, you can press [R] to reload it.

"Now to find a way into the ship. Seeing as your gun is now loaded, hold [RMB] to aim down your weapon, and press [LMB] to shoot it! (If you aren't aiming down your gun, [LMB] will only make you punch). The door into the ship has some breakable glass, wonder how you can break it? {Spoiler, it's shooting it).

"Now that the door isn't jammed shut, walk up to it and press [E] to open it like a normal door!

"Maybe the door was jammed for a reason, though. Get ready to find your first Necromorph!

"Combating it is just as simple as shooting the glass out, except they move and take a couple of more shots to kill. Be sure to aim for limbs, amputation is way more powerful then body shots and even Head shots!

"Now that those things are dead (You are sure you killed them correctly, right? They have a nasty habit of pretending to die...), you can stomp on them. If you do so, a piece of loot drops. It's a good way to get some ammo or health back that you lost fighting them.

"Time to enter the crashed ship! Fight your way through a few more nasty things till you reach the ladder. Mount the ladder with [E] and climb upwards.

"The cockpit is blocked off by a gate. If you're playing Co-op, both players need to activate each side for it to open. If you're playing by yourself, using either one will work. There will be quite a few Co-op features throughout this game, but it's perfectly beatable by yourself.

"In the cockpit there is the thingy that you need to get! It's the blue-silver cylinder. Pick it up with [E].

"The ship starts to slide down, and you are forced to bail out on a wire. Move down the hill, moving left or right to move out of the way of obstacles. You can also press [SHIFT] to jump over the gaps in the wall.

"Shit, the ship slid down the wall, and is gaining on you! I giant spinning fan blade will start to fall towards you. Shoot it with your gun to blow it up, otherwise you'll get shredded into pieces! (The fan blade is the big spinning thing with orange lines if you needed it defined).

"Where are we? What does the Cylinder do? What the bloody hell is going on!? All this and more, answered on the next episode of Dead Space!

"200 Years later in some flashy city, we find our slightly deranged protagonist having a have time over his Ex, but is interrupted...

"After being jumped by Gym-buff and held to gunpoint, Clarke is convinced to aid the quest of stopping the Markers once again by the risk of Ellie being in danger. So begins another blood-soaked adventure of Isaac and the Necromorphs!