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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 5 Expect Delays

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"Welcome to the Terra Nova! After making your way to the cockpit, you'll be confronted with a hacking minigame. Simply move the mouse around until the triangle glows blue instead of red. Do this three times to open the door.

"The cargo room hosts a fair amount of enemies, a good amount of loot, but also your first Boom canisters! Kinesis one of those red canisters and launch them at them to gib the crap outta them. Be careful though, they friendly fire.

"Climb down the ladder, and oh look! A new friend that DOESN'T want to tear out your rib cage! This Scavenger bot can be placed down and will find resources for you. If you place it in a resource-rich place (Listen for the noise, there's one in this room), it'll get more for you.

"Now that you've left your buddy behind, you're greeted with another friend, oh goody! This one will blow you up if it gets close though, but shooting the yellow thing on it will explode it! Kill it without blowing up the yellow sack, and you can Kinesis it and throw it at other enemies!

"Wow, you just can't stop running into friends today! These little baby heads are weak as themselves, but they crawl into dead corpses and control them to attack you! Be sure to take out the baby heads before they take over another body.

"This game really is introducing you to so many new enemies right now... This is the Birth Giver, if you shoot it's stomach, the little heads come out of it. Try and kill it without shooting the belly.

"Go to the corner and activate the tram. Oh no, it's not working, let's go fix it!

"Holy shit, another new enemy, I completely forgot they introduced so many this chapter... This mean thing is attached to the wall, but get too close and he'll insta kill you! Take out all his limbs and make sure he's dead before progressing.

"After leaving the elevator, you enter a cool room with a nice view of the tram obstructions and a convenient crane to clear it! I'm just gonna give you a warning now, this room is HELL if you're playing Co-op, have fun!

"Plug yourself into this minigame and clear the rubbish by rotating the pieces so they fit together nicely. Are you playing co-op? Because the unlucky basturd who isn't doing this minigame is fighting off infinite waves of necros while protecting you, so be as quick as you can!

"Because I pity those poor fools playing this part co-op, I'll be kind enough to post the solutions in this guide. This is the first two pieces.

"Solution 2. If you're having trouble seeing or remembering these solutions, look at the rotation of the yellow hook things on each piece.

"Solution 3. How's your Co-op partner holding up?

"Solution 4. I hope they're still alive behind you. If either one of you dies, you have to start the whole room over again.

"Solution 5. Almost there, just one more!

"Finally, Solution 6, but I'm more concerned about our little friend in the container. He doesn't look very happy. Anyway, hope you and your partner survived this room, it was as bad as I said, right?

"After sorting out the cargo, you get attacked by icky green things. These ones will spit acid at you, yuck. If you're fast enough though, you can catch the spit with Kinesis and kill things with it!

"Time to take the elevator back to the tram room! Oh shit, it's broken though, and you go faaaaalling way down. You'll need to make your way back the hard way now...

"All of a sudden Isaac thinks it's a nice time to let everyone (including you) about free Kinesis ammo. I'm talking about the sharp bits of your enemies, of course. Use Kinesis and it (should) rip a sharp limb of it, and you can kill others with it. It's very powerful, so be sure to use it.

"Oh look, we're back in the cargo docks.

"Is that our friend from bef-FOOOHH GOD IT'S BREAKING FREE HOLY SHIT. This motherfucker is the bane of Isaac Clarke. You can shop off all his limbs, but THEY FUCKING GROW BACK. There is no killing this thing, so just bolt! (Pro tip: To slow it down, cut off all its limbs and then stasis it).

"This room with the Bench is safe from the Satan Necro, so if you weren't prepared before, now's your last chance!

"Yes! You made it to the Tram station again. Be warned though, the second you activate the tram, the Necros will flow in trying to kill you before you can get away. Just as you know, there is TWO REGENERATORS and you WILL be fighting them AT THE SAME TIME. Be prepared to use stasis, they can kill you in one hit if they get you.

"Just as I warned you, two regenerators in a small arena room while waiting for the tram. The normal necros don't stop coming either!

"As soon as the tram gets here, you wanna bolt, those things won't stop coming!