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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 6 Repair to Ride

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"After arriving at AFT station, go to the elevator and get in- oh SHIT THE REGENERATOR IS BACK, FUCKING BOLT INTO THE ELEVATOR. Anti-climactically, he's gone if you go back done, so don't worry about seeing these things again.

"You've found the space ship, but it's broken shit, so you need to fix it. Make your way around this annoying room to find the three pieces you need.

"Once you've got all the pieces, make your way to the Crafting Bench to put them all together. Then use the lift across the room to get to the front of the ship.

"Open the hatch with Kinesis and then put in the machine thing you made.

"They ship is out of fuel, so make it around the back to fuel it back up. Activate the pump from the console, then go around and Kinesis it down into the ship. The Ship will get fuelled up while you get attacked. After it's done, detach it from the console.

"WHAT THE FUCK! That chick activated the launch protocols while testing the engines! Everything's on fire, you need to get out of here before you get cooked alive!

"Oh god, the regenerator is back! This is not what you need right now! It's just one more reason to get out of here asap, stasis it and keep running.

"Shit, something is jamming and the ship can't launch, you need to fix it or the whole thing will blow! Enter one of the two Flak cannons and shoot the barrel. All of a sudden, a ton of Necros, explosive barrels and even Regenerators start attacking you! Thank god for this amazing fully auto turret, you can destroy everything!

"Everything blew up (once again) but apparently that's good, and the ship launched fine, Isaac even survived! Just fly to the over end of the ship and watch out for mines. Then take the skip to the Greely and check out the engine your crew found.