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Dead Space 3 Walkthrough Chapter 7 Mayhem

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"Fly over to the old ship, and then Kinesis off the panels. From there, just Slide out the engine you need from it.

"You're done here at Greely, so take the skip back to the Roanoke.

"Fly around for the 3 yellow satellites with 4 blue panels out the side. Go up to each one and grab the thing from it. There are more than 3, but that's all you need.

"Now that you have the 3 parts (sound familiar?) make your way into the Roanoke. Unfortunately, the entrance is on the complete opposite side of the ship... don't forget about your air!

"Make your way to the bench to craft all the things together! While you're here, don't forget to do anything you need at the bench and change/upgrade your suit.

"Make your way out of the big station and fly over to your cool little ship you freed. Open the thing at the front again and jam your machine into it (What doesn't go in there?). Then fly around to the wing and make your way in.

"Kinesis the canisters into the sockets and seal them tight. Then go to the front of the ship and activate the launch. Get ready for the flight of your life!

"Time to guide the ship safely down to the planet below! If you're playing co-op, one player will control the ship and the other will fire the cannon. Playing Solo like me? You gotta control both! Move the ship to dodge obstacles, but try and stay in the blue squares, and fire the cannon to destroy the mines. If you hit something or if a mine hits you, one of those fancy green bars will go red. Pretty sure I don't need to inform you of what happens when they all go red.

"Entering downwards to the planet, now you're shooting debris. It doesn't change anything though, just keep flying in the squares.

"After the ship hits some unavoidable objects, those canisters at the back get loose and threaten the whole ship. Get up and fix then back into place then go back to the hull.

"Now you're flying along the surface of the frozen planet. Dodge the mountains and pillars, and shoot the tips that are marked with the red box!

"Shit, you hit something, and now the ship is torn apart and you're gonna die! Just kidding, it was just another scripted events. See you on the ground!

"Once you crash the ship, you're greeted with a blood covered and half frozen Isaac. At least if you were wearing the EVA suit, if you wear any other suit, he'll look perfectly fine like my Screenshot.

"Isaac will have a little tumble, but when he tries to put his headpiece back on, it glitches out. Looks like his entire suit is screwed over. Once again, only the EVA suit gets destroyed, but even if you're wearing a different, working suit, the helmet will still not work so the next part still makes sense.